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My primary research focus recently has been "The Roots of Human Sociality," a project that has taken me to New Ireland in 2002, 2003 and 2005.  It is a large-scale comparative study funded by the National Science Foundation.  Click here to read about the project, here to see the reference, or get more information from the website of one of the Principal Investigators, Joe Henrich.  The other PI is Jean Ensminger.

I am also in the early stages of preparing for another trip to New Ireland in order to study moral dilemmas.  Working with Principal Investigator Marc Hauser, I will be providing some of the cross-cultural data needed for general theories of human behavior to be proposed.  Click here to read more about the project.

Finally, I have recently joined another research group that is exploring "Norms and Moral Psychology," a project sponsored by the United Kingdom's Arts and Humanities Research Council: http://www.philosophy.dept.shef.ac.uk/culture&mind/. From the project's website:

The project will explore what light a truly interdisciplinary perspective can shed on the nature of norms, the character of moral emotions, the role of sentiment in moral judgment, the role of reason in moral judgment, the origin of morals, and other fundamental issues in philosophical ethics.

Questions here include: What are norms? How do we represent moral norms? What is the structure of the psychological systems involved in the acquisition, processing, complying with, and enforcing moral norms? To what extent is moral psychology culturally universal? To what extent is it culturally variable? How are moral norms culturally transmitted? What can we learn about moral norms from the nature of the cultural transmission? How does empirical work on moral psychology interact with normative theories in ethics and meta-ethical theory?






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