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One of my books, Mortuary Feasting on New Ireland, published in 2000, is about the sequence of feasts conducted in honor of the deceased by the Sursurunga people of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.  In it, I discuss a number of things including matrilineal descent, kinship, Austronesian linguistics, and Melanesian ethnography.  Field trips to New Ireland in 1989-1992 and again in 1998 are the basis for this book. 
Click here to see where New Ireland is (this will take a while if you are using dial-up).

The other one, Pacific Romanticism, published in 2004, is about some of the ways in which the French accounts of their "discovery" of Tahiti in 1768 have influenced subsequent European thinking about other people.  In the book, I am especially interested in how anthropology, as a discipline, has been affected.  Much of the research for this book was done at the Kenneth E. Hill Collection of Pacific Voyages at UCSD. 



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