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explaining a concept (what goes in your paper)
click here formethods of development

1. Hook your reader's interest in your concept and keep it.

2. Your purpose is to explain the concept to your readers. You are not writing an argument but you are making a point about your concept. Have your point clearly in mind.


3. Define the concept: what is it? what do you think it is? how has the concept changed over time?


4. Illustrate the concept:

Use narratives.

Use descriptions.

Show us the concept in action


5. Gather judgments or understandings of the concept from
professionals,ordinary people,yourself.

6. Conclusion: Now you can move from the specific to the general. Explain the significance of your concept in the lives of ordinary people. Do not write a summary conclusion.

methods of development

Defining - an extended definition; especially helpful if the concept you are explaining involves difficult or unfamiliar (to your reader) vocabulary

Classifying/Dividing - a description of how your concept fits into a particular category or how it can be broken down into parts that can be described more easily; this is useful in showing your reader how your concept fits into a "big picture" and how it can be divided

Comparing/Contrasting - examples of how your concept is similar or different from other concepts/ideas with which the reader may be familiar

Narrating a Process - a step-by-step explanation of how a process works or how a concept is used in practice

Illustrating - the use of examples, anecdotes, and other details that may help your reader to better understand your concept

Reporting Causes or Effects - a description of how a particular event leads to another and how concepts are related to each other.