I am unique, Lord,

For I am the expression of your love,

And no two moments of love are ever the same.

Each is separate, intimately personal.

Each is an original inimitable reflection

Of your own love-laden personality.


And because I am unique, Lord,

I have a unique contribution to make

To your love-mission on earth.


There are people whom only I can love

In the way that counts -

People waiting for my touch

Eyes searching for the look of understanding

Hands reaching for my extended strength

Arms waiting for my embrace.


Lord, what mystery and magnificence!

That you should take my unique weakness

And use it as a means of communicating your unique power.

That you should select one who needs to be saved

And use him to save others.


Lord, I am so utterly proud of my individual treasure

My divinely lonely talents,

To be that mirrored glance of you

Which alone can save a sinner.


Empower me, Lord,

Cast out shadows

So that only beauty and brightness

Go forth from the unique me

To another you.