Why College of DuPage?

College of DuPage is a non-profit public community college located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Each semester, more than 29,000 students enroll in courses at the school, both online and on-campus, making the school the second largest undergraduate institution in the state after the University of Illinois.

Why should you join the large and growing number of students enrolling at COD?


Students at College of DuPage Online can expect to get a world-class education.

  • Dedicated faculty. The more than 300 faculty members who teach courses at College of DuPage are standouts in their fields. All non-vocational/occupational faculty members are required to have a master's degree in their field, but many hold doctoral degrees.
  • Small class size. Individual attention is important in distance learning, so COD keeps course sizes small. The average size of an online class is just 28 students, and the college as a whole has a student to faculty ratio of 23:1.
  • Consistency in courses. Your online courses at COD will show up no differently on your transcript, be the same quality, and offer the same credit as their on-campus counterparts, helping you showcase your education to employers or to transfer coursework to another institution.



College of DuPage Online offers incredibly competitive pricing for online courses and degree programs.

  • Lower tuition than most online colleges. Though it can vary somewhat depending on which courses you select, the cost of tuition and fees for a complete Associate in Arts degree online at COD is approximately $11,577. That breaks down to $135 per credit hour (Spring 2017, see current tuition rate), with a $57.50 per online course fee. Comparatively, the same degree would cost you $395 per credit hour at the University of Phoenix with a $95 fee per course or $371 per credit hour at Kaplan University.
  • Big savings on a 4-year degree. Even if you plan to transfer to another in-state public school, starting your education at COD can be a smart move. Tuition and fees alone for one year of college at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign can be as much as $20,640. Completing an associate degree at COD or even just taking a few general courses has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in tuition costs.
  • No commuting costs. Since online courses meet rarely or not at all, you'll save on the cost of commuting to and from campus on a daily or weekly basis. 
  • Availability of financial aid. Almost a third of students at COD have grant or scholarship aid and many other receive support from employers through reimbursement programs. These kinds of programs can help bring the cost of an education at COD into the reach of almost every student.
  • Credit for life experience. Already been working in your field but never gotten the degree? COD offers you the chance to get credit for what you already know, through testing done at COD or through AP and CLEP tests.



College of DuPage Online offers you the flexibility to learn when and where is best for you.

  • Learn on your own time. While you'll need to be more proactive and self-motivated to succeed in online courses, you'll also have the freedom to complete your coursework when and where you want (provided you meet course deadlines), making it easier to finish a degree or certification while working full time, caring for children, or both.
  • Variety of courses. Currently, COD online offers 250 courses in 44 disciplines, with 11 associate degree programs and 29 certificate programs. Topics cover everything from art history to entrepreneurship, offering options that work for just about every student.



Students at College of DuPage Online get the support they need to succeed.

  • Career help. Many students at COD are working professionals or are looking to quickly get into their fields. To help support them, the college offers a variety of services to help support students in their career paths, including an electronic job board and career services office. Check out some of the job resources here
  • Online access to resources. Online students don't have to miss out on the myriad of resources that on-campus students at COD have at their fingertips. Academic advising, tutoring in math, reading, writing, help for students with special needs, and an amazing, award-winning library are all available to online students.


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