New Student Guide

Welcome to College of DuPage Online! In order to get started, you'll need to set up your online tools and portals so you can access email, course materials, and register for classes.

Setting Up Your Online Systems

The first thing you'll want to do as a new online student is to ensure you've got all of your online accounts set up and ready to go before the semester starts. 

The Portal: The Portal brings together many of the resources you'll use as a student at COD. You'll find announcements and a wide range of other useful information for students as well as being able to get quick access to your email and Blackboard. 

myACCESS: This is one of the most important sites for students at COD. Through myACCESS, you'll be able to register and search for courses, track any tuition payments and financial aid, and track your progress as a student through grades, transcripts and other forms of documentation. 

Student Email: You will have a new email address provided by the college, and this address is where we'll send important information about registration, tuition and other things you need to know. Your instructors will also communicate with you during your courses using this email address, so be sure to start using it. You can view a tutorial on how to set up your COD email here

Blackboard: When the semester starts, you'll need to log into our online course system, Blackboard. Blackboard is where you'll access course material here at COD. If you're taking an online or hybrid class, you'll log into Blackboard almost every day of the school year. It's there that instructors will post videos, readings and other resources so that you can access them any time, any place you want to work on your course. 

Registering for Courses

To register for courses, students will go through myACCESS. When you applied for acceptance at COD, this is the site that you used, and your user name and password will be the same.

When registering, you will need to keep several things in mind:

  • The registration date given to you by the college. This should be mailed to you a few weeks before the registration period begins.
  • Your educational plan. Know what you want to accomplish in your time at COD and figure out which courses will help you best meet those goals.
  • Deadlines for registration. There are fees for late registration and classes fill up fast. The earlier you sign up, the better.
  • Tuition payments. When you register for courses, you will need to pay tuition or set up a payment plan. 

You can find complete instructions on registering for courses at COD through the Registration website here. If you need help with registration, call Registration at (630) 942-2377 or email

Buying Your Books

To complete the reading assignments for your online courses, you'll need to order textbooks from the online bookstore. You can either pick up these textbooks at Follett's COD Bookstore in Glen Ellyn at the College's main campus or have them delivered to your home. How do you find what textbooks you need? Simply enter the semester, name, and section of your course here and a list of required and recommended materials will pop up.

Finding Help

There are numerous resources you can access as a new student at COD that can guide you through every part of the online education process. You'll find an extensive list of contacts here who can help you, whether you need technical assistance or academic support.

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