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Need help with your coursework or just some answers about how to get started with online learning? 

Select what you need help with and we'll direct you to who to contact to get the answers and assistance you need: 

General Questions About Online Learning

Who to Contact: COD Online

You can call COD Online directly at (630) 942-2490 or email us at for assistance with any general online education questions or concerns.  

The Content of Your Course

Who to Contact: Your instructor

As an online student, you are strongly encouraged to contact your instructor whenever you need academic assistance and/or guidance regarding your specific course. You can find your instructor's contact information in the course syllabus listed in Blackboard or through the Faculty Directory

When emailing your professor, make sure that you do these things: 

  • Use your COD-issued email address. For students, this should end in This helps your instructor know it's you and keeps communication professional. 
  • Identify yourself and the course. Include your course and section number in the subject of your email and sign it with your full name. This can make it easier for an instructor to find your email and to give you a response. 
  • Leave yourself enough time for a response. Your instructor will likely have laid out guidelines in the syllabus for how quickly you should expect a response. Waiting until the last minute may not give him or her enough time to respond before your assignment is due. 

A Technology Issue

Who to Contact: The Student Help Desk

For any kind of technical support, please contact the Student Help Desk. You can reach them by phone at (630) 942-2999 or by email at

What can the Help Desk assist you with? 

  • MyAccess: They can help you retrieve your log-in, reset passwords, walk you through the online registration process or help you navigate the MyAccess website. 
  • Blackboard: Support includes general assistance with logging into Blackboard, navigating the Blackboard website, accessing an individual course, and how students can do basic things in Blackboard like submit an assignment or create a discussion board post. For more advanced course-specific help, students should contact their instructor. 
  • Student Email: The Help Desk can provide instructions on downloading and installing Microsoft 365, help you access student email via smartphone or mobile device, log in, or work with Information Technology to resolve any other issues concerning the operation of a student's COD email account. 
  • COD Public Wireless: Questions or problems related to connecting to COD Public Wireless should be directed to the Help Desk. 

Course-Related Research

Who to Contact: The Library

The library at COD offers students access to a wide range of resources for research, study and career growth. 

Learn more about the library on their website, contact a librarian through their email form, by phone at (630) 942-3364, or by using a wide range of other methods listed here.

While coming to COD's campus can be helpful for some kinds of research, did you know that you can access these library resources remotely? 

Tutoring or Study Skills

Who to Contact: The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons offers an array of free academic support services for both on campus and online students. Some of these services are only available on campus, but are accessible at several sites, including the main campus in Glen Ellyn and the COD Centers in Addison, Westmont, Carol Stream, and Naperville. Other services are available to all students, regardless of their ability to visit campus.

Learning Commons services include: 

  • Math Assistance: Some questions can be answered through email. Send questions to and include your full name and student ID number. 
  • Reading, Writing and Speech Assistance: Online students can access appointment-based academic support though an online virtual interface. You can schedule an appointment here.
  • Tutoring Services: A variety of tutoring services are available both face-to-face and online and for students with disabilities. To find out more, contact (630) 942-3686. 


Contact the The Learning Commons at (630) 942-3941 or visit them on campus in the Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2102.  

Accessibility or Disability Issues

Who to Contact: The Center for Access and Accommodations

If you are a student with a disability enrolled in any course at COD, you may be eligible for accommodations. To request accommodations, you will need to provide appropriate documentation of your disability to the Center for Access and Accommodations.

You can contact them in a variety of ways: 

Phone: (630) 942-2154/4260/2306/3798/2567
TDD: (630) 858-9692
Fax: (630) 942-2071

If you do not live near campus and cannot meet with the Center for Access and Accommodations staff in person, you may be able to provide your documentation electronically and arrange to speak with Center staff over the phone.

If you currently attend or have previously attended another college or university where you receive accommodations, you may also be able to have your documentation sent directly to COD. Contact the Center for Access and Accommodations directly for more information.

Keep in mind that you need to request accommodations as soon as possible after you are registered for courses in order to provide time to work with the Center and your instructor to best meet your needs. Delaying may impact your success, as accommodations are not available retroactively.

Academic Advising

Who to Contact: Counseling and Advising

Whether you need help choosing courses or are struggling to find ways to be a more successful online student, the counselors and advisors at COD are ready and willing to help.

Find out more about the services available through Counseling and Advising on their website, or contact them at or by phone at (630) 942-2259. 

Registering for Courses

Contact Registration.

You can find complete instructions on registering for courses at COD through the Registration website. If you need additional help with registration, you can contact the Registration office by phone at (630) 942-2377 or by email at

Not sure where to even start? To register for courses, students will go through myACCESS
When registering, you will need to keep several things in mind:

  • The registration date given to you by the college. This should be mailed to you a few weeks before the registration period begins.
  • Your educational plan. Know what you want to accomplish in your time at COD and figure out which courses will help you best meet those goals.
  • Deadlines for registration. There are fees for late registration and classes fill up fast. The earlier you sign up, the better.
  • Tuition payments. When you register, you must be ready to pay tuition or set up a tuition payment plan. 

If you have questions about any of these, please contact Registration for assistance. 

Applying to COD

Contact Admissions and Outreach.

If you're new to COD and need some help with the admissions process, you can contact Admissions and Outreach by phone at (630) 942-2626 or by email at

If you are planning to transfer to COD from another institution, you may also want to check out information about the process on the Transfer Program website. 

Additional Student Services at COD

Below are links to College of DuPage support services that provide web-based information to assist online learners.


If you need additional contact information, please use the COD website or contact us at COD Online for assistance. 

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