COD, Glen Ellyn Reach Compromise


Feb. 8, 2012 - College of DuPage and the Village of Glen Ellyn reached an agreement after a Tuesday, Feb. 7, mediation session with DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Hollis Webster in which all regulatory control and authority over the College campus will be transferred from the Village to DuPage County while the College will remain incorporated into the Village of Glen Ellyn. The agreement, signed by Village President Mark Pfefferman and COD President Robert L. Breuder, will go to the Village and COD boards for ratification and to DuPage County for review and acceptance.


Per the agreement, the College will pay applicable Village taxes. The Village will continue to serve the College with water and sewer at incorporated rates during the term of the agreement of five years. At the end of five years and every five years thereafter, the parties have the options to renew the agreement, remain with the Village, subject to Village jurisdiction, or proceed with de-annexation. The agreement will be automatically renewed after 20 years for five-year terms, unless previously terminated. In the event of de-annexation, both parties have agreed to terms for such de-annexation in order to avoid future conflict and excessive legal costs.


In January, DuPage Circuit Court Judge Terence M. Sheen had instructed College of DuPage and the Village of Glen Ellyn to pursue mediation to resolve outstanding issues concerning the College's intention to de-annex from the Village and citations that had been levied by the Village regarding campus construction. As part of the agreement, all related litigation and fines will be dismissed.


"I am very pleased we have come to a fair, cost-effective agreement that serves the interests of everyone involved," COD Board Chairman David Carlin said. "We are grateful to Judge Sheen for his foresight in sending this matter to mediation. This equitable outcome is good news for the region's taxpayers."


"This agreement is a win-win-win-win for taxpayers, the College, the County and the Village," Village President Mark Pfefferman said. "With this agreement, we have every faith that the College will remain in the Village in perpetuity and that the two institutions will be stronger partners with the County's assistance."


"I believe this to be a sound compromise for two great institutions," said DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin. "DuPage County government looks forward to strengthening the working relationship with College of DuPage, a core resource in DuPage County."


"We have found a good compromise that serves the taxpayer well," President Robert L. Breuder said. "We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with the Village going forward. We are very thankful to Judge Hollis Webster, who oversaw this successful mediation process. She worked tirelessly to bring this issue to a close."