Employees Rank COD High on Survey

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College of DuPage has scored its highest rating in 15 years of taking the Personal Assessment of College Environment climate survey (PACE). The survey measures what employees perceive and feel about their institution’s activities. It is administered by the National Initiative for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness (NILIE), based at North Carolina State University.

Under the survey, there are four possible categories an institution can fall into, climbing from “Coercive” (the lowest) to “Competitive” to “Consultative” to “Collaborative.” The College rated the highest mean score in its history of taking the survey, moving from the lower quartile to the top quartile of the Consultative category, signifying a healthy institutional climate. Based on more than 120 studies completed by NILIE, few institutions have ever achieved a fully Collaborative environment.

“This is a fantastic validation of what we have been working toward,” said College of DuPage President Dr. Robert L. Breuder. “I am very pleased to see our employees give this level of recognition to the College as a good, healthy climate to work in and make decisions.”

The survey indicates that employees feel they are significantly involved in the decision making process. It further indicates leaders consult with employees regarding decisions. Several employee groups, including administrators, full- and part-time classified staff, and managerial staff, actually rated the College in the highest category, Collaborative, in which leaders are seen as having demonstrated confidence and trust in employees.

“This is the first time in the history of taking this survey that administrative staff and full- and part-time classified staff rated the institution in the Collaborative band,” Dr. Breuder said. “Whether it is record breaking enrollment, our excellent academics or our stunning physical facilities, College of DuPage is realizing its vision of becoming the primary college district residents choose for high quality education. These survey results demonstrate that our employees are very pleased with the climate that has gotten us here.”

For more information, contact Joe Moore, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, at (630) 942-2371 or moorej7718@cod.edu.