COD Grad Robyn Coffin Continues to Build Acting Resume

Robyn Coffin

By Brian Kleemann

Robyn Coffin recently rubbed elbows with Prince, Zooey Deschanel and the Seattle Seahawks, even though she didn’t actually meet them.

That’s because the new Windows commercial in which she currently stars ran during an episode of Fox TV’s “New Girl” that aired after the recent Super Bowl. It’s this kind of visibility that is adding to the College of DuPage graduate’s growing resume as an actor.

“I had a feeling it would air some time that evening but was still so surprised to see it,” she said. “It was the first time it aired, and my phone and Facebook account blew up all night. The reaction to the ad has been amazing. People love it. I’ve heard from a lot of old friends I lost touch with. My friends, boyfriend and my agents are happy, and my mom was thrilled and very proud.”

Coffin knew she wanted to be an actor by the age of 5 because her uncle was one. When it came time for college, she could not afford to attend a four-year school and enrolled at College of DuPage, where she was challenged by classes and scripts she had never been exposed to before.

“(Theater Professor) Connie Canaday Howard challenged me with roles outside of my comfort zone,” she said. “Shakespeare in particular was a beast that I was afraid to tackle, but Connie provided guidance and mentoring in that area. For 10 years after college, I worked professionally on Shakespeare productions.”

During her time at COD, Coffin earned the John Belushi Memorial Scholarship, which made it possible for her to attend school. She then transferred to Columbia College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Theater. 

“I learned how to be a professional actor very early on so by the time I got to Columbia, it was clear I had been training among some of the best actors and teachers out there,” she said. “I grew in every way possible – professionally, artistically and personally. I still talk to and am very close with most of my COD friends and peers.”

In addition to her commercial work, Coffin has a recurring role on the hit NBC series “Chicago Fire.” She will work with former COD alum Suzette Brown and her husband on the feature film “Finding Hope” for their production company, and will work with another COD alum, Danny Rhodes, on a feature film titled “One Not Taken” for his production company. Then in July, she will be the assistant director for “Take the Cake” at The Factory Theater, where she is an ensemble member.

Her goal continues to be a working actor, and she’s proud to say that she is earning her living that way.

“Ultimately, I would like to write and direct more, and I would love to continue working on ‘Chicago Fire,’” she said. “I would also like to teach. If I can influence anyone the way Connie influenced me, I would feel truly fulfilled.”

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