Brett Coup New Associate Dean of Instructional Technology

Brett Coup

By Brian Kleemann

Brett Coup is the new Associate Dean of Instructional Technology at College of DuPage.

The Wheaton resident brings more than 20 years of experience to the newly created position, which will include assisting the College with the implementation of creative ideas for online instruction and new technology for both real and virtual classrooms.

“On one hand, I’ve always had an interest in technology and its creative side. On the other hand, I’ve always enjoyed teaching and education,” he said. “So this position is an ideal blending of what I like to do.”

Early in his career, Coup contracted with College of DuPage for such projects as teleconferencing and web site design. He later became an online learning faculty member at Heartland Community College, where he also helped other faculty learn to teach online, and then served as the Director of Distance and Virtual Learning at Parkland College in Champaign.

College of DuPage already has the third-largest online enrollment of any higher-learning organization in Illinois, and Coup is looking forward to helping the College maximize its online curriculum. In addition, Coup plans to explore delivery modes to increase online student interaction and to provide additional Blackboard and related training for faculty members.

“The goal is to expand on the educational delivery paths students can choose from and make these paths easier to follow,” he said. “By using new technology to develop strategies, course faculty will expand their skills and improve the experience for students. I also want to improve online support services, whether through online tutoring and advising or other new initiatives.”