Board Approves Construction of New Facility

Board of Trustees icon

By Jennifer Duda

The College of DuPage Board of Trustees committed funds to construct a new instructional building on the Glen Ellyn campus during its regular meeting on Thursday, June 26.

The Board of Trustees approved committing $30 million for construction of the Teaching and Learning Center, to be supplemented by $20 million in capital funding expected from the state. The new building will provide additional academic space to better serve the growing student population, particularly during prime hours, said College of DuPage Board of Trustees Chairman Erin Birt.

“We exceed 90 percent capacity during peak times on Mondays and Wednesdays,” Trustee Birt said. “This not only makes it difficult to schedule classes, but it also severely limits our ability to further grow traditional enrollment. As we continue to attract more students, we simply need more classroom and lab space.”

While educational specifications have not been determined, College officials anticipate the new west campus building will be between approximately 75,000 and 100,000 square feet and will include a significant number of 35-seat general purpose classrooms, smaller 25-seat classrooms, two 50-seat general science classrooms, four 25-seat computer classrooms and an open computer lab. Additionally, the new building will house administrative space and include unfinished space to accommodate future instructional needs.

“It would be a terrible waste to turn students away from opportunities at the College because we lack the classrooms to serve them,” Trustee Birt said. “We must be prepared to meet the needs of future students and to accommodate new programs we may develop in response to the evolving job market.”