Chemistry Students Participate in Northwestern Internships

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By Brian Kleemann

College of DuPage Chemistry students Cody Castle of Bloomingdale and Ina Furxhi of Carol Stream are participating in prestigious summer internships at Northwestern University’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center.

Castle is conducting a theoretical investigation of different methods for sequestering carbon dioxide, which is the main contributor to climate change. Furxhi is exploring different technologies that use algae processes for making biofuels and trying to determine which approach is most cost-effective.

Castle and Furxhi are at Northwestern thanks in part to a grant through the College Foundation’s Resource for Excellence program.

“The goal is to provide our students with an undergraduate research experience at a world-class research institution,” said Richard Jarman, Professor of Chemistry at COD. “These experiences also provide our students with stronger transfer opportunities as they pursue careers in research.”

Several years ago, College of DuPage was part of the five-year Undergraduate Research Collaborative, during which four community colleges partnered with research institutions to provide experiences for their science students. As a result of the relationships developed through this initiative, College of DuPage students have continued to secure internships at several nearby educational and research institutions.

“It was important to continue finding opportunities for our students after the collaborative concluded,” Jarman said. “With the national push for more college students completing degrees in STEM-related fields, internships like the ones Cody and Ina have at Northwestern are vital, as almost half of all graduates in STEM degrees have attended community colleges.”

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