New Language Immersion Trip to Germany

By Mike McKissack

College of DuPage has added a new language immersion program to Berlin, Germany, which will take place from Friday, May 30, to Sunday, June 29. The deadline to apply for this trip is March 1.

This program will offer more than four weeks of immersion in the German language and culture. In addition to daily German language classes, participants will experience the abundant culture and history of Germany through day trips to Dresden, Frederick the Great's Palace Sanssouci and Potsdam, the site of the signing of the Potsdam Treaty which ended WWII.  Participants will also experience planned excursions throughout Berlin and have plenty of opportunities to explore the city on their own.

Through this program, students will have the opportunity to earn up to seven semester credits in German language and Humanities courses. The program cost of $4595 covers airfare, excursions and day trips, and housing and two meals a day with a German host family in Berlin. Tuition for up to seven semester credits is extra.

Bärbel Thoens-Masghati, assistant professor of German and co-director of this trip, said this new study abroad opportunity was created in response to increasing requests from students and members of the community. She added that the program will provide students with a wide range of benefits.

"Because they live and breathe it every day, students will learn more about speaking German during this one month than they would in a whole semester in a traditional classroom," Thoens-Masghati said. "But this program offers much more than learning the language. It's a great opportunity to learn firsthand about another culture. Considering the rise of globalization in recent years, this experience is invaluable to anyone currently employed or preparing to enter the workforce."

Thoens-Masghati, who is, along with co-director of the trip Christiane Knapp-Andrews, a native of Germany, described the importance of communicating in German and understanding the culture for those seeking employment and networking opportunities in the future, since many German companies open their doors to qualified workers from around the world.

"Germany is world-renowned in the industries of science and business and a front-runner in developing initiatives to tackle environmental issues such as climate change, environmental farming techniques and recycling" she said. "Germany is also the third largest exporter of any country in the world and one of the largest supporters of foreign employees."

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To register for this opportunity, call the Field Studies and Study Abroad Office at (630) 942-2356.