COD Students and Alum Work on New Wachowski Film

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By Jennifer Duda

A query to local film students led College of DuPage’s Adam Jones and Joshua Horn and COD graduate Adam Felgenhauer to work on the latest Wachowski siblings’ film, “Jupiter Ascending,” currently in post-production.

Set to be released in July 2014, the sci-fi film stars Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum and was partially filmed in Chicago this summer.

Horn and Jones said they were hired as production assistants after responding to an email shared by Motion Picture/Television Professor John Rangel from 2nd Assistant Director, Andy Spellman. The “Jupiter Ascending” shooting schedule required both Horn and Jones to help with crowd control.

“The team (Spellman) split all the PAs in various groups and we covered about a six-block radius around Willis Tower,” Horn said. “The aerial unit had helicopters hovering around the radius so we had to make sure no citizens or passersby were allowed through when they were shooting the scenes.”

Horn said ultimately he’d like to be a writer/director /editor. Jones has similar aspirations, seeking to be a film producer/director/writer.

Both students credit College of DuPage with not only helping them develop their filmmaking skills, but also with reinforcing the importance of strong communication and networking.

“This most recent opportunity is a great example of how the COD faculty members are very involved with their students in making sure they get as much experience as possible to help launch their careers,” Horn said. “They give us opportunities to work together to discover what we specifically want to do in the film industry.”