COD Addresses Affordable Care Act

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By Joe Moore

In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was passed with the intention that everyone in the United States would have access to affordable health insurance. College of DuPage has reviewed the new employer requirements under the Act, with special attention paid to how to address part time "adjunct" teaching faculty.

With the goal of being as equitable as possible, COD solicited input from various other colleges, adjunct faculty and experts in the healthcare field. For purposes of extending health benefits where appropriate while remaining fiscally responsible, the College has taken the step of creating a limited number of new "lecturer" positions that will be offered health care benefits. The College has also created new adjunct faculty load guidelines. The new adjunct faculty management parameters are listed below.

"This has been a complicated and difficult issue," said COD President Robert L. Breuder. "We have worked to find a solution that reflects the appropriate balance between individual employee needs and our financial responsibility to the College. Every college will deal with this issue differently, but our goal has been to treat all of our employees as humanely as possible while ensuring the College's financial well-being."

Adjunct faculty management parameters:

  • Eligibility Determination Period: COD will use January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 as the measurement period to determine eligibility for the January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014 health insurance plan year.
  • New Lecturer Position: COD will create up to a maximum number (equivalent to 15 percent of our budgeted full-time faculty positions: 45 positions) of non-tenure track Adjunct Faculty positions titled "lecturer." These positions would be assigned loads between 75-80 percent of the full-time annual load and will be offered health care insurance consistent with other eligible employees at COD.
  • Adjunct Faculty Load Guidelines (non-lecturer positions): Consistent with most other higher education institutions, COD will manage non-lecturer, adjunct faculty loads to no more than 75 percent the full-time equivalent load. The College will limit adjunct faculty assignments to no more than 27 contact hours per calendar year. On an exception basis, when the needs of the department dictate, annual loads of up to 29 or 30 contact hours may be assigned.