New Associate Dean, Director of Homeland Security Training

Tom Brady

By Brian Kleemann

Tom Brady is the new Associate Dean/Director of Homeland Security Training at College of DuPage.

The Plainfield resident brings more than 20 years of experience as a federal law enforcement investigator to his new position. In his new position, he will oversee the state-of-the-art Homeland Security Education Center, which houses the College’s Criminal Justice and Fire Science programs as well as the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy. Brady will also work with the College’s plans to develop the proposed Midwest Regional Training Center.

Brady earned his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern Illinois University in Psychology and began working as a behavioral specialist with mentally handicapped adults.

“I’ve always been wired for helping people,” he said. “My father was a carpenter. I learned my work ethic from him and combined that with my need to help.”

When several friends decided to take the postal service exam, Brady accompanied them and, on a whim, took the exam himself. Four months later, he received a job offer and then spent several years as a letter carrier in Villa Park while continuing his work as behavioral specialist.

Brady met a postal inspector at a career conference and was intrigued by a position that carries the powers of a federal agent. He decided to become an inspector, a process that took years to fulfill and required him to graduate from the basic federal law enforcement academy in Potomac, Md.

“I always feel the injustice when someone is taken advantage of. As an inspector, I completely immersed myself in each case,” he said.

Brady’s distinguished career included positions as Inspector in Charge in the Washington Division, where he provided direct oversight of the anthrax investigation for the Postal Inspection Service, and as Inspector in Charge of the Chicago Division, which includes more than 200 federal employees and covers Illinois, Wisconsin and eastern Missouri. He also initiated “Don’t Fall for It,” a weekly, hour-long consumer talk show on WBIG-1280AM warning people of scams and frauds. Guests included Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

Having earned a master’s degree in Integrated Homeland Security Management from Towson University, Brady said his new position at College of DuPage was an ideal move. In addition to developing innovative homeland security programs for the College, he will be an integral part of the proposed Midwest Regional Training Center project, planned as the first comprehensive, advanced training complex in the Midwest serving the training needs of local, state and federal agencies. The MRTC will feature a collaborative and integrated curriculum and multi-agency exercises to shape the future of public safety, emergency planning and response.

“This is right up my alley, taking an idea and developing something new and complete,” he said. “Right now, there is no one place where multiple agencies can train together for a critical incident. I’ve been through critical incidents, and when it happens, the initial atmosphere is one of chaos. We need people who have trained together so they don’t lose precious time shaking hands and introducing themselves. We need to respond and work together immediately, so there’s a definite need for a facility like the Midwest Regional Training Center.”