COD Offers "CODTIP" for Direct Contact with Police Department

COD Police Badge

By Robyn Johnson

The College of DuPage Police Department has a new Rave Eyewitness CODTIP text messaging program that enables students, staff and visitors to contact officers about disturbances on campus via mobile phone.

"The CODTIP text messaging technology provides an easy tool to help keep the campus safe," said Police Chief Joe Mullin. "We're asking that individuals use this service to report incidents of actual - or potential - threats to the College."

To submit an anonymous tip about a crime or suspicious activity to the COD Police, send a text message to 67283. In the body of the text, type CODTIP, a space, and then your tip. The text will go to COD Police Department dispatch and senders will receive an instant confirmation that the message has been received.

"Although the tip appears as plain text on the COD dispatch console, the tipster's identity is encrypted and protected, offering the sender anonymity and keeping him or her safe from the person they may be reporting," Chief Mullin said.

College Police can continue to communicate with the tipster via text messaging through the console software. Chief Mullin is asking students, staff and visitors to use the CODTIP service to report any type of actual or perceived illegal or criminal activity; aggressive or threatening behavior; a situation endangering someone's personal security; vandalism or defacing of public or College property; suspicious packages; fraud or theft; hit and run accidents; public nuisances or indecent behavior; hazing; stalking, harassment or abuse.

College of DuPage was recently ranked among the top 10 institutions in Illinois for campus safety by, ranking seventh in the state among its peers. This is the second year the College has received this recognition.

For more information about CODTIP, call (630) 942-2000.