College of DuPage Offers New Culinology® Degree


By Brian Kleemann

College of DuPage is offering a new Culinology® and Food Science degree program that prepares students for occupations in food product development, food research, food manufacturing, food processing inspection and flavor development.

Recently approved by the Illinois Community College Board and beginning this spring, the program meets requirements in a growing field that merges culinary arts with food science. College of DuPage is the first community college in the state to offer this new degree.

“We have several companies in our own back yard that focus on food research and development,” said Tim Meyers, Associate Professor of Culinary Arts. “This degree will help students obtain entry-level research and development or similar positions at companies that manufacture food products.”

Meyers said the initial idea for the new degree came up several years ago when College of DuPage partnered with Tom Dentice and Ed Rensi in the research and development of the Tom and Eddie’s restaurant chain. College of DuPage then worked with local food industries, Dominican University and the Research Chefs Association to develop the Culinology® program.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment for food scientists is expected to grow 16 percent through 2018. Meyers said graduates would work with food scientists for such organizations as the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where they would check the quality control, safety and taste of products at dairy plants to make sure they comply with USDA guidelines and standards.

“Culinology® is a field that is becoming much more popular and needed within consumer markets,” he said. “It’s a unique career in a growing industry.”

For more information about the Culinology® degree program, contact Anna Gay at (630) 942-2502 or email