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Students and Community

Media has become an essential component of every day life.  It affects the way you organize, socialize and learn.  Multimedia Services produces media content that improves your college experience and helps you stay up to date with your college coursework, extra-curricular activities, community happenings and items of personal interest.  Check out our continuously updated programming and media enhancements to the things you like the most.  Delivered to you the way you want it – when you want it.  Please make use of our offerings and stay connected with your community college.

Streaming Media –Visit the streaming media page and access an archive of material to view on demand.  Watch episodes of IMAGES! and Career Paths, guest speakers, instructional programming, human interest segments and promotional releases for college and community events – all from the comfort and convenience of your computer, at any time.

Podcasts – Subscribe and enjoy.  The technology behind podcasting makes it that simple. And it’s free!  Subscribing to a podcast enables new content to be delivered to you as soon as it’s available, ensuring you’ll never miss a lecture, pre-recorded class, movie review or special interest program. Visit CODcast – COD’s podcasting page and discover the variety of content, both educational and entertaining, that’s just a click away. 

Internships – All aspects of the media industry rely heavily on interns – from design to production; DVD’s – to web content.

It’s a fast-paced and exciting field that requires a cooperative effort between people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.  Exercise and develop a variety of versatile skills while creating excellent self-marketing material for your resume.   Pursue an internship experience with Multimedia Services and jump-start your career in media.  Check out our internship page for details about opportunities and requirements.

About Multimedia Services

Multimedia Services is a service unit of College of DuPage and functions to satisfy the media communication needs of all administrators, faculty, staff, students and the community at large.  It is our mission to provide support in all aspects of multimedia design, creation and distribution.