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Information Literacy Instruction

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What is information literacy?

Information literacy is the ability to recognize an information need and then to locate, evaluate, and effectively use information from a variety of sources to satisfy the need. The acquisition of information literacy skills contributes to an individual's development as a critical thinker, problem solver, and independent learner.

For another perspective, read this current article about defining information literacy.

What will your librarian teach your students?

The goal of an instruction session is to develop your students' competence in finding, selecting, and using the information resources needed for your assignment (e.g. paper, speech). The content of the instruction session will be customized based on your course assignment, the ability level of your students, and the amount of time available for instruction.

Why take class time for information literacy instruction?

Instruction on the use of the Library and the very complex array of information resources we have today will help to demystify the Library and the research process. Your librarian will strive to help your students overcome their anxiety about the process and to provide them with the knowledge and skills that they will need to successfully complete your assignment. In our experience, it is a mistake to assume that your students already have all the skills necessary to complete a research assignment.

How do you take advantage of this?

Where are the instruction sessions held?

We have five classrooms in the Library, two of which have computers that can be used for hands-on instruction. Your librarian can also go to your classroom.

Do you need to attend the session?

Yes, as you would any other class session. The students need to hear from you about the assignment, the resources, and your experiences with finding and using information in the context of your course and discipline. They are likely to have questions about the assignment that only you can answer.

What can you do if you do not have the class time to include a session?

What can you do if you teach off-campus or online?

Diana Fitzwater,
Coordinator, Information Literacy Instruction Program
(630) 942-2078

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