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Criminal Justice Internet Resource Guide

This resource, developed by COD Criminal Justice Faculty Robert Murdock, describes an extensive number of sites and categorizes them by Criminal Justice courses offered at College of DuPage:

  • CJ 1100 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 1110 - Police Operations and Procedures
  • CJ 1112 - Crime Preventiion
  • CJ 1120 - Traffic Law Investigation
  • CJ 1130 - Introduction to Corrections
  • CJ 1135 - Gangs and the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 1140 - Principles of Security Administration
  • CJ 1151 - Constitutional Law
  • CJ 1152 - Criminal Law
  • CJ 1153 - Rules of Evidence
  • CJ 1154 - Substance Abuse and the Law
  • CJ 2230 - Criminal Investigations
  • CJ 2235 - Basic Evidence Photography
  • CJ 2240 - Juvenile Delinquency
  • CJ 2250 - Police Organization and Administration
  • CJ 2260 - Issues in Criminal Justice


    1. Cecil Greek's Home Page
      Excellent web page. It has direct routes to all phases of the criminal justice field. Try this one, you'll like it. This is one of the best C.J. sites!

    2. SourceBook - Bureau of Justice Statistics 1998
      This is the 1998 electronic edition of Sourcebook. All the stats you'll ever need. It is divided into six sections; systems characteristics, public opinion, offenses known, arrest, processing and corrections. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat.

    3. National Criminal Justice Reference Service
      This is the table of contents for the Justice Information Center. This source covers all aspects of the criminal justice system and has outstanding links to each system. This is a must see site!

    4. Bureau of Justice Statistics
      This is an excellent site with many other links available in reference to criminal justice topics. It is continually updated to provide the latest in statistical research.

    5. National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
      This is the final resting place for lots of grant sponsored criminal justice research. This site provides downloadable access to over 550 criminal justice data collections free of charge. Excellent site!

    6. Bureau of Justice Assistance - Office of Justice Programs
      This site presents funding data for state and local criminal justice agencies. They also assist in developing and evaluating a wide range of criminal and juvenile justice programs.

    7. Office for Victim's of Crime
      This site provides descriptions of programs and activities to help victims of Crime. This site also provides information on grants and funding sources.

    8. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
      This site provides information on how OJJDP fights juvenile violence and victimization. Information is also available on how improvements are helping the juvenile justice system.

    9. Crime Statistics Page - Schekall
      This is another site that is loaded with crime statistics. This site also has numerous links to the Federal Government.

    10. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority
      This web site contains current information on all areas within the Illinois C.J. system. It also contains useful links to other sites. The Authority has three main areas of operation; research, information systems and federal and state grants.

    11. Criminal Justice Information Technology Institute
      This site provides numerous links to federal, state, international agencies, corrections, courts and the law.

    12. United States Department of Justice
      This is the homepage of the Department of Justice. From this site there are links to DOJ agencies and more. Good place to begin research or find basic information reference this government agency.

    13. Office of International Criminal Justice
      This is the homepage of the University of Illinois at Chicago Office of International Criminal Justice. Not only does it have great information, it also has information on international conferences. I have been with them to Cairo, Egypt. and it was first rate!

    14. Police - A List of Resources
      This site is the home of CopNet.a very complete site devoted to law enforcement. It also includes an international job information clearinghouse.

    15. The Police Officer's Internet Directory
      This site contain many subdirectories that can put the user in touch with practically any law enforcement topic. Excellent site!

    16. Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Sites on the Web - Part 1
      This is one of the best sites available for law enforcement. There is actually 8 parts to this site and you can reach them all from here. This is one of the largest and most awarded law enforcement sites on the net!

    17. YAHOO! Society and Culture:Crime:Law Enforcement http://www.yahoo.com/society_and_culture/crime/law_enforcement
      This commercial site has many links to various aspects of law enforcement. It is definitely worth a look. Make sure you type the address exactly as seen above.

    18. American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section
      This site gives information on ABA Juvenile Justice Center, publications, policy and calendars.

    19. Legal Sites on the Web
      This site contains hundreds of legal links in addition to several search engines. If you love the law, this site is a must!

    20. Criminal Law: Law Journal Extra
      This is a good site to look for specific case law and it has other links to law related issues. This site also has links to Constitutional law.

    21. National Center for State's Courts
      This site has multiple links to various state courts and further research links. Good place to start research.

    22. Understanding the Federal Courts
      Everything you ever wanted to know about the Federal court system. Great links to other sites.

    23. Illinois Criminal Law Digest
      Once at the State of Illinois home page, click on Search Illinois and enter Courts. You will reach the Law Review here.

    24. Links in the Chain- Prison Law Page
      This site is a series of links to all sorts of web pages that deal with the subject of corrections. This is a good site to begin research.

    25. Prison Information and Papers
      This is a site that provides much statistical data in reference to prisons, jails, and inmates.

    26. The JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk
      This source is rich in information and resources on prisons and the criminal prosecution system. This site is maintained and coordinated by prison activists.

    27. Illinois Department of Corrections
      This is it. Here is everything you always wanted to know about prisons within Illinois. You can locate an inmate, find out statistical information, and how to apply for a job within this system!

    28. Private Prisons- Privatization Research Site
      This is a well organized site solely devoted to private prisons. It provides research on these types of facilities within the U.S. and abroad. It also has informative links!

    29. The Federal Judicial Center
      The FJC responsibilities include the development and adoption of improved judicial administration. They do research and continuing education to meet this end. Interesting site!

    30. Internet Law Library
      This site allows you to view all U.S. Codes and much more! There are state laws, international law, law school sites and professional organizations included. Worth a look!

    31. American Police Beat
      This is the website of the highest circulation police magazine in the nation. It is full of interesting material and links to other areas with in the C.J. system.

    32. Clearinghouse for C.J. Information Systems
      This site provides access to numerous other sites reference criminal justice Information. This is a good place to begin research.

    33. Cop-Spot - Career Opportunities
      This site offers a wide variety of information related to career and professional development for police officers. It lists openings for local, state, and federal positions. It also has links to similar related sites.

    34. Police Futurists
      This site is dedicated to fostering excellence in policing by promoting And applying the discipline of Future Research. This organization looks 10,20, even 50 years into the future to try and predict what will be needed in law enforcement planning for the future. Interesting site!

    35. The Web Police
      This is the official site of the Web Police. It provides citizens in the Internet community with law enforcement and crime prevention services. It has numerous links to other sites. Worth a look!

    36. Community Policing Consortium
      The consortium is a partnership of five outstanding professional law enforcement associations. This site list information in reference to training, publications and includes a chat room.

    37. Crime Scene Investigations
      This is the home page of Sgt. Hayden Baldwin, of the Illinois State Police. This site contains much information in regards to crime scenes and crime scene processing. Worthwhile site.

    38. Computer Forensics
      This is a private company specializing in electronic evidence. It has the latest information on this topic and includes some useful links to other relevant sites.

    39. National Association of Attorneys General
      This is the national association for all Attorneys General. From this site, the user can access every state and find out about such things as policies, initiatives, and concerns.

    40. Autopsy Database
      This site is sponsored by John Hopkins Medical Institution's Department of Pathology. It has a searchable database of more than 49,000 autopsies. Enjoy!

    41. United States Secret Service
      This is the official home page of the U.S.S.S. It provides much information the history of this agency and it's current operations. It also provides on U.S. currency and it's protective functions.

    Police Operations and Procedures CJ1110

    1. Cecil's Greek's Home Page
      This is one of the best web sites available for law enforcement. It is extensive and covers almost everything related to this field. It also has links to all other areas within the criminal justice system.

    2. Police - List of Resources
      This site contains numerous links to other law enforcement related organizations, topics and issues.

    3. Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Sites on the Web - Part 1
      This is probably the most definitive web page concerning law enforcement and other related issues. It is constantly updates and has won many awards. Be sure to check this site out! This is actually eight different sites and all can be reached from here.

    4. The Police Officer's Internet Directory
      This site has many subdirectories that can put the user in touch with practically any topic or issue concerning law enforcement.

    5. YAHOO! Society and Culture: Crime: Law Enforcement http://yahoo.com/society_and_culture/crime/law_enforcement
      This commercial site has many links to various aspects of law enforcement. It is worth a look!

    6. COPNET
      This site contains a multitude of topics in reference to law enforcement. It also contains a search engine for easy research.

    7. Cops On Line
      This site is devoted to all law enforcement topics. Information on training and critical incidents are also included. It also has great music!

    8. Illinois State Police
      This site will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the state police. It also has good links to other law enforcement agencies.

    9. The Police Pages - A Reference Enforcement and Criminal Justice Resources - The Internet
      A great site to begin searching for law enforcement and other criminal justice related topics.

    10. Coplink
      This site provides hot links to many different topics within the field of law enforcement. This site also links to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

    11. Community Policing Consortium
      This site is totally devoted to community oriented policing. All aspects from training to curricula is explored. Excellent place to begin research about community oriented policing. This site is a partnership of five leading police professional organizations.

    12. On Patrol
      This is a site for"On Patrol" law enforcement magazine. It has sample articles and back issues can be examined. This site also contains employment listings.

    13. U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
      This is the agency that is trying to put 100,000 cops on the streets of America. It gives good references. Worth a look.

    14. American Police Association
      The APA is a non-profit organization devoted to college educated police officers. It is really for all officers interested in higher education in law enforcement. Interesting site!

    15. International Police Association - U.S. Section
      This is a fraternal organization of police officers from around the world encompassing appx. 300,000 officers from 61 countries. The goal of this organization is to communicated with each other.

    16. National Sheriffs Association
      This site is the home page of the N.S.A., which is a non-profit organization devoted to raising the professionalism within the criminal justice system. Great site!

    17. National Police Canine Association
      This site is solely devoted to police dogs, training and standards. It is a comprehensive site with many other links to canine associations. If your into police dogs.you've arrived!

    18. Interview and Interrogation
      This is a private company that provides classes in practical kinesic interview and interrogation. This is an advanced form of these investigative tools. Interesting.

    19. Police Pursuit
      This is the official list of the law enforcement sites for NCJRS. The titles are listed and hotlinked to the information. You must download Adobe Reader to view text. There are numerous links!

    20. National Center for Women and Policing
      This site is devoted to information to and about women in policing. In addition to this, information on training, research and conferences can also be found.

    21. Cop Stress - The Heavy Badge
      This site is solely devoted to stress in law enforcement. It covers such areas as stress associated with the police job, fellow workers, and stress that effects the police family. Worth a look.

    22. All Points Bulletin - Online
      This site is an online magazine for law enforcement. There is a variety of police topics and the latest news concerning not only police but also news within the criminal justice system.

    23. Police Mountain Bike Association
      This site is the home page of the League of American Bicyclists. From this site you are able to connect to the PMBA. On the upper left of the main page is the link to the police bike association.

    24. International Association of Women Police
      This organization was originally formed in 1905. This web site has much information pertinent to women in policing. It lists conferences, educational opportunities, and has it's own magazine! 25. PoliceScanner http://www.policescanner.com/ From this site you can hear actual live radio broadcasts from police agencies such as Dallas and Las Angeles. There is a lot more of this type of information if your into this area.

    25. LawSearch
      This is an interesting site since it has over 150 HTML pages, and includes over 3,000 searchable links to various law enforcement related links. Worth a look!

    26. Fraternal Order of Police - FOP
      This is the main home page of this police organization. It gives information reference to state and local lodges. It has further information about organizing law enforcement organizations.

    27. National Tactical Officers Association
      This is an interesting site for those interested in this subject manner. Information on training and educational opportunities are presented here.

    28. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
      This is the official site of the officer's memorial fund. There is information on all officers killed in the United States. This is a sobering and well done site honoring those officers who have fallen in the line of duty.

    29. Jane's Police Review
      Jane's is an international police review periodical. It has much information in regards to police products and many articles about policing. Interesting site to browse.

    30. Americans for Effective Law Enforcement
      This not for profit organization was created in 1966 and it supportive of American law enforcement. It provides educational and legal assistance to all agencies. Good site to check out!

    Crime Prevention CJ1112

    1. Justice Information Center
      This is a service of the National Criminal Justice Service. They have a whole section devoted to crime prevention. From this area, there are links to crime prevention site within the U.S. and from around the world. Impressive

    2. Crime Prevention Resources
      This is a detailed site giving information on such topics as community, retail, business and personal safety. Good site for additional links!

    3. I.D. Link - Crime Prevention Tips
      This site gives many practical tips on all aspects of crime prevention. It gives information on how to protect both personal property and business assets. Interesting.

    4. International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners
      This site lists resources for training and curricula development. It also has links to other crime prevention sites. It gives additional data on crime prevention providers and services available.

    5. National Fraud Information Center
      This is an excellent clearinghouse site for all aspects of fraud. It has many links to other sites. Some of the areas covered include telemarketing, internet, and fraud against the elderly. Great site!

    6. International Center for the Prevention of Crime
      The ICPC is an international non-governmental organization that is devoted to reducing violent crime and reduce delinquency. Click on English version.

    7. Crime Stoppers International
      This is the international organization of the famous Crime Stoppers. It educates as to C.S.I. statistics, programs, training, conferences and scholastic programs. This is a great site!

    8. The Police Station
      This site is a good reference for crime prevention topics, such as home safety for seniors, jogging and personal safety. Other information includes annoying phone calls, apartment security and jogging safety.

    9. WeTip - Crime Prevention
      This site has a multitude of resources aimed at crime prevention and corporate programs. It is the internet arm of the WeTip national crime hotline. Check it out!

    10. Youth Crime Watch of America
      This organization is active in reducing crime and drugs in schools and communities. The organization has been cited by President's Clinton, Bush and Reagan.

    11. National Crime Prevention Council On-Line Resource Center
      This is the home page of the NCPC, which is a national organization whose mission is to help America prevent crime and build a safer nation. Worth a look.

    12. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
      This is the International Association of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Their goals are to create safer environments and improve the quality of life through the use of CPTED principles and strategies. Great site!

    13. Officer Scott's D.A.R.E Home Page
      This site gives complete explanations about what the D.A.R.E. program is and how it is operated. There are lesson plan outlines and homework assignments for both elementary and jr. high school.

    Traffic Law and Investigation CJ1120

    1. Northwestern University Traffic Institute
      This is the homepage of the famed Northwestern Traffic Institute. It is the definitive school of traffic crash investigation. This site is loaded with information concerning courses and course availability.

    2. Accident Reconstruction Calculator
      This site provides information in reference a reconstruction calculator that the user may download. It also has links to other sites. Great music!

    3. National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
      This government agency site is dedicated to resources in reference to injury prevention and control. It includes statistics and other useful information. Look under health information for many accident related topics.

    4. U.S. Department of Transportation
      This site gives the usual links to other governmental agencies that center around all types of transportation. This site also contains a search engine that may be useful for research purposes.

    5. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
      This agency is responsible for reducing death, injuries, and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes. This is a must see site. It also contains a search page.

    6. CODES - Peer to Peer Crash Data Linkage Project
      This site describes the effects of CODES to link police reports and crash data together for various cooperating agencies. It also has an impressive list of links to other agencies where data is gathered.

    7. Insurance Institute of Highway Safety
      This site has all the safety data on passenger cars, pick ups, utility vehicles, and passenger vans. If you want numbers, this is the site.

    8. American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety
      This site gives great information about traffic safety and related areas. It also links to the National clearinghouse for Traffic Safety.

    9. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
      This is the site of the original MADD organization that started to publicly fight against drunk drivers. They are committed to stop drunk driving and support victims of this violent crime. The site contains information on public policy , education programs and conferences.

    10. National Highway Institute
      This is the site of the technical training organization of the Federal Highway Administration. It administers transportation related training and educational programs. A search engine is included!

    11. The International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety
      This international organization is devoted to reducing injury and death due to impaired drivers. It sponsors international conferences to help in this effort. Good links!

    12. Speedtrap Registry
      This is an interesting site that locates speedtraps all around the United States. All you do is click on the map of the state you are interested in and the towns appear in alphabetical order. Check out Naperville.burned!

    13. Accident Reconstruction and Communication Network
      The site is intended for all those professionals who are involved in accident reconstruction and accident investigation. The ARC goal is to provide online help with communications and research tools.


    1. Illinois Department of Corrections
      The entire Illinois prison system is laid out here. There is information on all facilities and IDOC programs. Other information includes how to apply for a job and locating inmates. The total package!

    2. The JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk
      This site is rich in information and resources in reference to prisons and the criminal prosecution system. Both researcher and activist alike should enjoy this site!

    3. Links in the Chain
      This site is a series of links to all sorts of web pages that deal with the subject of corrections. This is a good site to begin research. Many of the links are being updated and will return shortly.

    4. Prison Information and Papers
      This site gives many links to statistical data in reference to jails, prisons, and inmates.

    5. Federal Bureau of Prisons Homepage
      This site gives a brief overview of the Bureau of Prisons and the most recently released statistics. In addition, it lists inmate information, employment and institution sites and locations.

    6. Federal Bureau of Prisons - Office of Research and Evaluation
      This site examines the B.O.P. office of Research and Evaluation. It describes policy analysis, basic research studies and maintaining basic information systems. Worth a look.

    7. UNICOR - Federal Prison Industries
      Unicor is the trade name for Federal Prison Industries. Unicor sells products to the federal government and federal contractors only. Stop by to see what's on sale!

    8. Reporters Guide to Corrections Research on the Internet
      This is a great site to examine many aspects of the correctional field. It lists lots of resources. This site is maintained by the American University. It is a good site for research purposes.

    9. Cecil Greek's Homepage
      This is an excellent reference web site. All phases of the criminal justice field are covered, including corrections. Check it out, you'll be amazed at the amount of information available.

    10. Inmate Classified
      This is an interesting site that contains inmate homepages, classified adds, and other prisoner related issues. If you are seeking personal information or a pen pal, this is the spot! It also has great links to other corrections web sites.

    11. Prisons
      This site is a collection of other links to various topics areas within the field of corrections. Good site for looking at other areas within the corrections field.

    12. Correctional Management, Inc.
      This is the web site of a private company that administers and operates public sector correctional facilities. This has great information in reference to the private sector in the field of corrections. Make sure you click on the Criminal Justice Links for more information.

    13. American Correctional Association
      This is the organization that was founded in 1870 and is still going strong today. This site gives an overview of the organization and purpose. A must see for anyone interested in the field of corrections. Make sure you visit the Corrections Connection!

    14. The American Jail Association
      This is the official site of the AJA. It gives a wealth of information in reference to jails within the United States.

    15. American Probation and Parole Association
      This site is devoted to probation, parole, and community based corrections. It also provides many links to training and research. It has additional information reference employment, conferences and training.

    16. Corrections Statistics - Bureau of Justice Statistics
      This site gives much statistical information in reference to the correctional area. This includes capital punishment, jails, prisons, probation and parole. Great site for research!

    17. Justice Information Center (NCJRS)
      The Justice Information Center is a service of the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. From the main page, click on connections for documents, WWW sites and list serves. Great site!

    18. Corrections Program Office (U.S. D.O.J.)
      This site is devoted to grants as supplied by the federal government to all states. Check out Illinois!

    19. International Association of Corrections Officers
      This site is the on-line magazine of the IACO. It has all issues from 1995 through 1997. All are full text articles!

    20. National Institute of Corrections
      The N.I.C. is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice. It is involved in all aspects of the correctional field. Worth a look.

    21. National Sheriffs Association
      This site has information in reference to sheriff's responsibilities relating to all aspects of jail management. Make sure you click on jail operations.

    22. The Rand Corporation
      The Rand Corporation is a non-profit institution that's helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. Click on research areas and then criminal justice to locate areas in reference to corrections.

    23. United States Parole Commission
      The U.S. Parole Commission has the responsibility to grant, modify or revoke paroles of eligible U.S. prisoners. There is lots of information here.

    24. United States Sentencing Commission
      This site explains the United States Sentencing Commission and it's major duties and responsibilities. Viewer must download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

    25. The Federal Judicial Center
      This site gives excellent information on the duties and responsibilities of the F.J.C. It also contains a few related links to other governmental agencies. Worth a look.

    26. Correctional Education Connection
      This is a hot link only site that is devoted to education within the United States penal system. There is all kinds of information about which colleges and universities have correctional programs.

    27. JailNet
      This site is a hot link only .There are various links to the federal government, most wanted, law library and much more. Worth a look.

    28. Parole Watch
      This organization is a anti-crime group that is nationwide. There main purpose is to get out all information on criminals who are coming up for parole hearings. They give information when citizens can protest these hearings!

    29. Prisons.Com
      This site deals with many issues concerning prisons, i.e., finances, health, building and more.

    30. National Commission on Correctional Health Care
      This organization is devoted to the improvement of health care in jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities across the United States. They have an accreditation program that is very through.


    1. The Institute for Intergovernmental Research
      This is a research organization specializing in law enforcement, juvenile justice, and criminal justice issues. This is an excellent site, which has many links to other related sites.

    2. Gangs: A Bibliography
      This site is devoted to a very large and comprehensive selection of books and government documents dealing with juvenile gangs, dating from 1985 to present. This is an extensive listing and is worth a look.

    3. The Coroner's Report
      This is a site devoted to all aspects of gang information. Steven Nawojczyk is the coroner of Little Rock, Arkansas. He has amassed a large amount of information on gangs. It has links to street gang dynamics and parent resource guides.

    4. Illinois State Police - Gang Home Page
      This site is a link from the Illinois State Police homepage. It gives information on gang awareness, graffiti, and colors.

    5. Gangs. Public Enemy Number One
      This is a summary of a report on Cook County and Chicago street gangs by the Chicago Crime Commission. It also gives information on how to obtain the full 78 page report.

    6. Office of International Criminal Justice - UIC
      This is a comprehensive site that lists a multitude of different criminal justice links. These include technical and criminal gang organizations. Check this one out!

    7. GREAT (Gang Resistance Education and Training Program)
      This is the home page of BATF's GREAT program. It explains philosophy, history, curriculum and guidelines for establishing a formal agreement to implement.

    8. Mothers Against Gangs
      This page outlines Mothers Against Gangs. Their education, motivation, lobbying, and legislation is explained. It also includes links to other sites. Worth a look and great music!

    9. Juvenile Justice - Gangs
      This site includes many links to different aspects of the gang problem. All the text files are in two formats.

    10. National Youth Gang Center - Bibliography of Gang Literature
      This is a bibliography list for the National youth Gang Center. It is an extensive list of gang related research. Something here for everyone.

    11. National Crime Prevention Council - Gangs
      The purpose of this organization is to prevent crime and build safer communities. There is much information on gangs and what parents can do for their children.

    12. Drug Enforcement Administration
      This agency has information reference drug data in regards to juvenile arrests. It also has information on all the different programs that the agency is involved with.

    13. COPS - (Gangs) - General Resources
      This site is strictly devoted to numerous links to gang related sites. It also has links to graffiti, gang profiles, violence and agencies dealing with these problems. Worth a look.

    14. StreetGangs
      This site is devoted to information on black street gangs in Los Angeles. If you want a real insight into gangs.check out this site!

    15. Gangs - Information for Parents
      The Midland, Texas police department supplies this site. It is a very through site with much gang information for the novice researcher. Parents would find this a very interesting site.

    16. Gang Awareness
      This site gives good basic information in reference to gangs. It has an impressive list of links to different kinds of gang related sites.

    17. Street Gangs - Center for Urban Studies
      This organization's web site has numerous links to gang related material. It also has information on gang graffiti, symbols and language. Worth a look.

    18. Virtual Library:Law:Criminal Law and Evidence
      The Indiana University School of Law sponsors this site. It contains a searchable database and links and is very through. Good site to begin research or just browse.

    19. National Graffiti Information Network
      This anti-graffiti site is loaded with much information for private, corporate, and municipal agencies. There are also many useful links provided.

    20. Cecil Greeks Home Page
      Once again, Dr. Greek's site must be utilized. It has an amazing amount of links in reference to gangs and juvenile delinquency. Take your time here, there is much information to go through!

    21. Midwest Gang Investigator's Association
      The title says it all! There is much information devoted to gangs and related material at this site. Worth a look!


    1. American Defense Preparedness Association and National Security Industrial Association
      These two organizations have combined to better serve those interested in national and industrial security. Lots of information here. Click on about NDIA for complete details.

    2. American Society for Industrial Security
      This is one of the best organizations for private and industrial security personnel. It is an international organization with more than 25,000 members. This is a must see site. There are additional links to related sites.

    3. National Association of Credit Management
      This site is devoted to MACM which enhances, promotes, and protects the many interests of credit management. It has over 34,000 members within the United States.

    4. Loss Prevention Council
      This is an international organization dedicated to the improvement of loss prevention practice, and to protect people and property by applying science and technology to the reduction of risk.

    5. International Association of Professional Security Consultants
      This association was founded in 1984 with the main purposes of assisting Professional Security Consultants and to serve the needs of consumers of security consulting services.

    6. Security Management Online
      This is the online security management magazine of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS). This online magazine presents current articles and information for anyone interested in industrial security.

    7. International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety
      This is the only company solely devoted to security and safety within the healthcare field. Lots of interesting information here.

    8. International Foundation for Protection Officers
      This organization facilitates the training and certification needs of protection officers and security supervisors. Interesting site.

    9. Security Industry Association
      This is a trade association of security equipment manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. This site has good networking possibilities!

    10. Security On Line
      This site is a security directory and information resource. It has extensive information on such things as cctv systems, security services, access control and much more. This is definitely worth a look.

    11. Clearstar Security Network
      This site serves both the public area and security professionals. There is complete information in reference to both areas. Good site.

    12. Yahoo! Business and Security
      This site gives numerous links to the area of public and private security. It has others links for equipment, organizations and investigative services.

    13. National Association of Investigative Specialists
      This site is devoted to the investigative specialist. It shows current information on training, resources, software, and other related data. This site also has extensive links from celebrity addresses to social security death index search!

    14. Loss Prevention Specialist
      This site is in reference to the loss prevention specialist who provides industry-wide and business specific strategies for addressing controllable losses. This site has good basic information in reference to loss prevention.

    15. The Associated Locksmiths of America
      This is it! Everything you ever wanted to know about locks. There is much more, but a lot of the information available is for members only! Beware!!


    1. American Bar Association
      This home page is maintained by the A.B.A. It list various services and references and also contains a search engine. This is a good site for research and finding specific information.

    2. International Association of Constitutional Law
      This site is devoted to examining constitutional law on an international basis. The emphasis here is on international.

    3. United States Department of Justice
      The Department of Justice homepage has many links in reference to constitutional law and other government agencies. This site is loaded with information. Check out all the agencies!

    4. Law News Network
      Law Journal Extra and Counsel Connect have merged to form Law News Network. Provides current information on a number of law related issues. It also has a good number of references that can be examined.

    5. The Legal Domain Network - Legal Resources
      This site provides read only access to law related USENET discussion groups, as well as a number of internet mailing lists on legal topics.

    6. The Center for Law and Computers
      This organization was created in 1984 to merge the study of law and the use of computers.This is an excellent site for those who want to study the law on-line.

    7. The Illinois Human Rights Commission
      From this site, the user is able to access the orders, recommended orders, and decisions of the HRC.

    8. Legal Information Institute
      This web site holds the internet publications of the Legal Information Institute, a part of the Cornell Law library. This is an outstanding site for the U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

    9. United States Congress
      This is the official site of the U.S. Congress. At the site, you will find current information on Congress, Bills, Congressional Record, Committee information, and legislative process.

    10. American Civil Liberties Union
      This site presents the ACLU's position on a wide variety of topics, ie, church and state, criminal justice, death penalty, free speech and racial equality. This site is loaded with information.

    11. United States Federal Judiciary
      This is the official site of the U.S. Federal Courts. The purpose of this site is to function as a clearinghouse for information from and about the judicial branch of the U.S. Government.

    12. Web Directory - Constitution Finder
      The University of Richmond Law School maintains this site. From this site you can find constitutions, charters, amendments on each nation. This is a complete site. Check it out!

    13. Capitol Hill
      From this site you can find all different types of information related to the U.S. Government. Interesting site.

    14. Findlaw Legal Subjects - Constitutional Law
      From this site there are many links to the law.criminal, constitutional or cyberspace to international law and White House affairs.

    15. International Constitutional Law
      This site lists numerous countries around the globe. Click on a country to link information about the country and it's constitutional background.

    16. Center for Information Law and Policy
      This site is maintained by a joint venture of three law schools. The major emphasis is exploring issues at the intersection of law and technology. This is a complete site!

    17. Federal Court Locator
      This site is maintained by the Center for Information Law and Policy. You may access the Federal Judiciary including slip opinions!

    18. Flite Database Archive
      This database contains over 7400 Supreme Court opinions, dating from 1937 through 1975. Complete site!

    19. The Legal Pad
      This site has a searchable database for law related topics. The resources include law schools, law firms and other legal areas.

    20. Law - The Seamless Website
      This law related site is a good place to begin for anyone interested in this topic. There are links to numerous other law related sites.

    21. Fedlaw
      This is point and shoot site devoted to all federal legal matters. All of the information is hyperlinked for ease of obtaining same. This is a good site from which to start research.


    1. Legal Information Institute - Cornell Law School
      This site contains recent and historic Supreme court decisions, U.S. Code, U.S. Constitution, Federal Rules of Evidence and civil procedure. There is an abundance of information available at this site.

    2. Punch and Jurists - Federal Criminal Law
      This site is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date in reference to federal criminal law. It includes information on a newsletter that is available.

    3. Law Journal - Criminal Law
      This is the online version and contains numerous links to all other areas of the law.

    4. American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section
      This site explains the American Bar Association and has additional links to other related topics.

    5. Legal Sites on the Web
      This site is devoted to all things legal. This is one of the largest sites for links to other criminal law related topics. Worth a look!

    6. Illinois Criminal Law Digest
      Once at the State of Illinois home page, click on search Illinois and enter courts. You can reach the Law Digest here.

    7. United States Federal Courts
      This is the official homepage of the United States Federal Judiciary. It provides many links to other related topic areas.

    8. The Legal Pad
      The Legal Pad is a searchable index of legal related Internet resources including law schools, firms, and other legal topics.

    9. Law Research - The Internet Law Library
      This site has over 10,000 legal resources that are free to the public. If you subscribe, there are thousands more. Check it out.

    10. Findlaw Legal Subjects
      This site is rich in links to all types of law from constitutional to criminal. Worth a look.

    11. Law - The Seamless Website
      This site is strictly about the law. There are links to criminal law. Click on crossroads and then on criminal law.

    12. Federal Rules of Evidence
      This site has all the federal rules of evidence including amended Rule 615 which took effect 12/1/98.

    13. Virtual Library:Law:Criminal Law and Evidence
      The Indiana University School of Law sponsors this site. It contains a searchable database and additional links. Great site!

    14. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Pages
      Here is Cecil again. Locate criminal law and you will many links listed. Great place to begin searching!

    15. Police Officers Internet Directory
      This site has criminal law links. Once on the main page, click on criminal justice. From this area you will be able to locate law related topics.

    16. Court Information Systems
      This site is devoted to the computerization of court systems. It shows many diverse ways that computers can assist in the control and management of court systems. This is part of the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    17. Courts.Net
      This is a hot link site to all the state and federal courts. Finding your way around is easy and the citations seem to be up to date. Good site for research purposes.

    18. The Death Penalty
      This organization is solidly against the death penalty. It is a complete site having information reference background and statistical numbers about the death penalty.


    1. Federal Rules of Evidence

    2. Constitution of the State of Illinois

    3. Findlaw

    4. The Legal Pad

    5. Office of the Appellate Defender

    6. Index of the Illinois Supreme Court Decisions

    7. Illinois State Bar Association

    8. Attorney General - State of Illinois

    9. The Evidence Site

    10. American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section

    11. Jurist

    12. International Commentary on Evidence

    13. Internet Legal Resource Guide

    14. Law Runner

    15. Yale Law Journal

    16. West Legal Dictionary

    17. Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

    18. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Pages

    19. The Police Officers Internet Directory


    1. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
      This is an office of the Department of Health and Human Services. It explains SAMHSA and provides links to it's many services.

    2. Alcohol and Drug Information
      This site is sponsored by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. This site includes drug and alcohol databases, research, surveys, and links to other related areas.

    3. United Nations International Drug Control Program
      This site explains the United Nations Drug Control Programs. Included are the Commission on Narcotic Drugs and the U.N. Online Justice Information Center.

    4. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
      This is the official homepage of this famous organization. It is a complete page listing statistics, services, and information on membership. Check it out!

    5. Illinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
      This site is a clearinghouse of information in reference to alcohol/substance abuse. It has many links to statistics and other help programs.

    6. Alcoholics Anonymous
      This is the official homepage of A.A. It describes this organization and the 12 step recovery program.

    7. Rand Drug Policy Research Center (DPRC)
      The DPRC was created in 1989 to conduct research, policy analysis and outreach needed to help community leaders and public officials develop more effective strategies for dealing with drug problems.

    8. WEB of Addictions
      This site is dedicated to giving out accurate information about abused drugs. It provides fact sheets on many drugs, links to self-help groups, and lists of conferences and meetings reference this area.

    9. Cocaine Anonymous
      This is the official homepage of C.A. It lists a variety of online services and locations where individuals can go to for their addictions problems.

    10. Marijuana Anonymous
      You guessed it- the official homepage. It describes the 12 step program utilized by A.A. and C.A.. It also has links to other related issues.

    11. National Inhalant Prevention Coalition
      This site describes the dangers and addiction problems to various type of inhalants. It gives additional information on FAQ's, awareness campaign, and upcoming conferences.

    12. Drug Enforcement Administration
      This site gives statistical analysis on a multitude of drug problems presented by the DEA. It lists topics such as; DAWN Emergency Room analysis, Teens and Drug use, and statistics on marijuana and heroin use. A must see page! The whole agency is here in detail. A must see site!

    13. Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics - ONLINE
      This is the Bureau of Justice Statistics Online Sourcebook. The Sourcebook brings together data about all aspects of criminal justice in the United States. Available at this site are over 650 tables from more than 100 sources.

    14. Indiana Prevention Resource Center - Drug Statistics
      This is an excellent source of drug information. There is many links to other states and national organizations reference drug abuse.

    15. National Institute on Drug Abuse
      This organization is part of the National Institute of Health. It gives much information on drugs including the organization's battle against their use. It has other links to similar organizations.

    16. D.A.R.E.
      This is it! The official homepage of Drug Abuse Resistance Education! Everything you wanted to know about the D.A.R.E. program is here.

    17. Center for Disease Control
      This agency is responsible to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Its mission is to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury and disability.

    18. Department of Health and Human Services
      This is the government agency responsible for protecting the health of all Americans and provide essential human services. This site provides many links to appropriate information.

    19. U.S. Food and Drug Administration
      This agency is dedicated to consumer protection. Once on the home page, click on human drugs and you will reach the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Lots of information here.

    20. Fedstats
      This site is the open door to all federal statistics and other information gathered by more than 70 federal agencies. Check out the drug section!

    21. Statistics on Drugs and Crimes - BJS
      The Bureau of justice Statistics maintains this page and gives much drug related information. This is a great place to begin research.

    22. U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
      This is the official ATF home page. It has complete information on all aspects of their duties and responsibilities. Good site.

    23. American Council for Drug Education
      This organization is dedicated to diminishing drug abuse by providing education. It has a lot of useful information. Worth a look.

    24. National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
      This is the national and international organization of addictions counselors. It is loaded with information useful to those interested in this topic area.

    25. Safe and Drug Free Schools Program
      This program is the federal governments primary vehicle for reducing drug, alcohol and tobacco use and violence through education and prevention activities. Good site!

    26. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
      The OJJDP provides leadership through comprehensive, coordinated approach, to prevent and control juvenile crime and to improve the juvenile justice system. This is a very complete site.

    27. National Drug Intelligence Center - DOJ
      This organization does organizing and coordinating of drug intelligence for national security and law enforcement agencies. Interesting site!


    1. Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction
      This is an organization devoted to professionals engaged in the science of crime scene investigation. Information is available on memberships and upcoming conferences.

    2. American Academy of Forensic Sciences
      This is the professional society dedicated to the application of science to the law. It's members include physicians, criminalists, toxicologists, dentists, and many others who practice and perform research in the many areas of forensic science. A must see page.

    3. Center for Forensic Studies
      This page has information on criminalistics research, law enforcement training and case work.

    4. Cecil Greek's Home Page
      Excellent web page. It has direct links to all phases of the criminal justice field, including criminal investigations. This is truly a great page!

    5. The Police Officers Internet Directory
      This is one of the best sites I have seen for law enforcement related topics. Everything is covered including forensics and criminal investigation. This is really a 5-star site.

    6. Forensic Entomology Home Page
      Everything you always wanted to know about bugs and their influence on dead bodies. Many articles are accessible from this site.

    7. Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners
      This is the official page of A.F.T.E. It has numerous links to both topics of toolmark identification and firearms identification.

    8. Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems
      This site gives good reference and explanations about the AFIS fingerprint systems. This site also has other links of importance.

    9. American Board of Forensic Anthropology
      This is the official page of ABFA. It contains excellent information on the use of anthropology in criminal investigations. Many other links are provided.

    10. National Forensic Science Technology Center
      This organization is devoted to supporting forensic science laboratories in quality systems support and continuing education. Lots of information and links at this site.

    11. American Institute of Applied Science
      This is a home study school of forensic science. The school was formed in 1916 and has an excellent reputation. I have taken several of the courses and can attest to the thoroughness of the courses. Worth a look.

    12. High Tech Crime Consortium
      This organization is dedicated to providing high technology crime education and training. From here, you can reach Franklin Clark, the nations foremost computer crimes investigator. His specialty is pedophiles. Great site!

    13. American Society of Crime Lab Directors
      This site is devoted to all things concerning crime laboratories across the U.S., both domestic and foreign. It is loaded with information for updates on education and conferences.

    14. Forensic Science Education Research
      This site lists all the colleges and universities that offer degrees and or courses in the forensic sciences.

    15. Investigators Guide to Sources of Information
      This site is provided by the Government Accounting Office of Special Investigations. It is intended to be a tool for identifying sources of information about people, property, business and finance.

    16. Firearms Product Website
      This large firearms site has been created by the American Firearms Industry. If you require information in reference to firearms, this site is a good place to begin your research.

    17. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
      This is the home page of the International Association of Bloodstain Analysis. It defines and describes pattern analysis. Good site!

    18. Polygraph Services and Information
      This site is a private company that deals with the polygraph. It is an educational site as it has much information about the polygraph and it's use.

    19. Forensic Odontology
      This is the home page of the American Board of Forensic Odontology. Basic information about this science and related areas are all found on this site. Worth a look.

    20. Crime Scene Information
      This site has a multitude of links to many areas within the criminal justice system. From the home page, click on crime scenes to go to the net links. Much information here!

    21. International Association for Identification
      The IAI is the world's oldest and largest professional forensics organization. It is dedicated to training and education. It is active in most of the forensic areas. Most states belong to a chapter of this association.

    22. Vidocq Society
      This is the famous society that tries to solve crime by assembling forensic specialists. If your in the investigative field, you have to know of this society. Check it out!

    23. Reddy's Forensic Home Page
      This is a complete site featuring much information on forensic science, plus many links to related sites. If the subject your looking for involves forensics, then make sure to check this site.

    24. National fish and Wildlife Forensics Lab
      This lab supports forensic investigations to all wildlife officers in the United States and many foreign countries. I have visited this lab and they do many special forensic applications in reference to all types of wildlife. The director is quite an author. You may have read one of his works!

    25. Webgator - Investigative Resources on the Web
      This is a site totally devoted to locating things such as associations, organizations, property records, companies, corporations, government sources and more. Good site!

    26. Criminal Justice Internet Sites - Vera Institute of Justice
      This site is a good collection of links only to various criminal justice sites in reference to criminal investigations and crime scene processing. It also has sites to many governmental agencies.

    27. Forensic Science Society
      This is an international site made possible by British forensic scientists. It was formed in 1950 and continues to expand. It has much forensic information and a links search engine.

    28. Crime and Clues
      This is a site devoted solely to criminal investigative links. There are many links to crime scene processing and related areas.

    29. FBI - Law Enforcement Bulletin
      This monthly publication is authored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It contains many articles in reference to criminal investigations and crime scene processing.

    30. American Bio-Recovery Association
      This site belongs to a private business that cleans up crime scenes. The Association is made up of like companies that deal with scenes containing bio-hazards. Interesting site. Always jobs available!!!

    31. Forensic Audio Analysis
      This site belongs again to a private business that deals in forensic audiology. The site is good because it gives a basic primer on what forensic audio analysis is and what can be done through analysis.

    32. Forensic Science Web Page
      This is a user friendly web site that is designed for the layman to understand all aspects of forensic science. Worth a look.

    33. Yahoo! Forensic Sciences
      This site is a links only page. It covers various aspects of the forensic sciences with many sites. A good place to begin for research purposes.

    34. FBI Crime Lab
      This is the official home of one of the world's most recognized crime labs. The site goes into full detail on the history of the lab and explains the different component parts of each section of the lab. Very informative site!!

    35. Crime Scene Evidence File
      This is an interesting site that brings actual police investigations to the Web. There is a number of cases that the viewer can check all investigative leads up to the present time. The viewer can then try their hand at solutions. Interesting site!

    36. Scambusters
      Everything you ever wanted to know about any type of scams are at this location. They describe regular and high profit scams plus those that can encountered on the Internet.

    37. Hair Analysis
      This site is sponsored by DePaul University. The site is a collection of different cases and articles about hair analysis. Interesting!

    38. Forensic Nursing
      This site is dedicated to the application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings. This can involve investigation of abuse or violence, criminal activity or traumatic accidents.


    1. Examination and Documentation of the Crime Scene
      This site contains a series of articles devoted to crime scene processing. Evidence photography and videotaping is also covered here.

    2. Crime Scene and Evidence Photography
      This is the same site as above only this concentration is related to specifically crime scenes, domestic violence, bloodstain, infrared and ultraviolet photography.

    3. Evidence Photographers International Council
      This is the official homepage of the E.P.I.C. It's main purpose is the advancement of forensic photography/videography in civil evidence and law enforcement.

    4. Crime Scene and Evidence Photographic Guide
      This is a good site for overall view of photographing a crime scene. It is an advertisement for the book by the same name. The contents are outlines in the web site. It also has links to other related sites.

    5. Digital Camera
      This is the homepage of Desktop Darkroom, a computer graphic and digital photography specialty firm. All you wanted to know about digital photography.

    6. Photography Book
      This is the largest virtual bookstore on the web. Utilize the search engine to reach crime scene photography and related information.

    7. Law Enforcement Video Association
      This organization is devoted to professionals utilizing video tape for production, surveillance, crime scenes or documentation. This site is worth a look.

    8. Professional Photographers of America
      This is it! The home page of the PPA. This site has everything you always wanted to know about photography. If you are in to photography, you must see this site.

    9. Kodak - Law Enforcement Photography
      This site supports law enforcement use of Kodak products. Information on materials, film, digital products and dealerships are available at this site. There is also a section on available training.

    10. Polaroid - Law Enforcement Photography
      This is the home page of Polaroid Photographic and it's affiliated sites. Once you arrive at the main page, type in law enforcement in the quick search engine. This will take you to the law enforcement area. This is a most complete site.

    11. Institute for Forensic Imaging
      This institute is operated by the Indiana/Purdue University located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It administers classes in all areas of forensic imaging. Good basic information available.

    12. Forensic Animations - AEGIS
      This is the home page of the Aegis Support Group Company. They provide animation for crime scenes and accident analysis. An example of this type of work was done on the animated analysis of murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Worth a look!


    1. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
      This is the U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs web link. It describes programs that are being utilized to combat juvenile violence and victimization and also includes useful publications and statistics.

    2. Cecil Greek's Criminal Justice Links - Juvenile Delinquency
      This site is a clearinghouse devoted to all aspects of juvenile delinquency. It has multiple links to all facets of juvenile problems.

    3. American Bar Association - Juvenile Justice Center
      This site is about the ABA's effort to promote positive change within the criminal justice system. There are links to other organizations from here.

    4. National Criminal Justice Reference Source
      The NCJRS is one of the most comprehensive on-line clearinghouses of criminal justice information. Select the Juvenile Justice section and access reports and articles on juvenile justice topics.

    5. American Civil Liberties Union
      Enter "Juvenile" in the SEARCH toolbar and you will receive a long list of cases and other information regarding juveniles.

    6. Juvenile Information Network
      Web site intended to encourage communications aomng juvenile justice professionals.

    7. Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
      Official web site of DCFS.

    8. National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
      This organization is dedicated to improving the nation's juvenile courts.

    9. National Center for Juvenile Justice
      Research division of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges.

    10. Juvenile Justice Law Materials
      This is the Cornell Law School site reference juvenile matters. It is a good reference with links to other organizations involving juvenile justice.

    11. Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
      This organization provides direct service, technical assistance and policy research on juvenile and criminal justice issues.


    1. International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

    2. Interpol

    3. International Police Association (IPA)

    4. National Sheriffs Association (NSA)

    5. American Police Association (APA)

    6. Police Executive Research Forum (PERF)

    7. Police Operations Page

    8. Northwestern University Traffic Institute

    9. Cecil Greek's Home Page

    10. International Association of Law Enforcement Planners

    11. National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives

    12. Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

    13. National Association of Police Organizations

    Below are listed Internet search engines that are used for research:

    1. http://www.yahoo.com

    2. http://www.opentext.com/

    3. http://www.excite.com

    4. http://www.webcrawler.com

    5. http://www.altavista.com

    6. http://www.infoseek.com

    7. http://www.search.com

    8. http://www.lycos.com

    9. http://www.dogpile.com

    10. http://www.thunderstone.com

    11. http://www.planetsearch.com

    12. http://www.metafind.com

    13. http://www.hotbot.com


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