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Middle Eastern Cultures Research Guide

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Books Location Call Number
The Author and His Doubles : essays on classical Arabic culture General PJ 7542.P53 K5513 2001
Bazaar to Piazza : Islamic trade and Italian art, 1300-1600 General NK 959 .M267 2002
Beauty in Arabic Culture General BH 221.A65 B3413 1999
Bygone heat : travels in the Middle East General DS49.7 .L56 2001
Classic Palestinian Cookery General TX 725. M628 N3 2000
Colors of Enchantment : theater, dance, music and the visual arts of the Middle East General NX573 .C65 2001
Contemporary Music and Music Cultures General ML 197. H245 C6
Culturgrams Reference GT 150 .C85
Cyclopedia of World Authors Reference PN 451 .M36 1997
East of Orphanides: my Middle Eastern Food General TX 725. M628 L 37 1991
Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature Reference PJ 7510 .E53 1998
The Foods of Israel Today General TX 724 .N3674 2001
The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, vol. 6 General ML100 .G16 v.6 2002
Images of Enchantment : visual and performing arts of the Middle East General NX573 .I43 1998
Iranian Contemporary Art General N 7280 .I87 2001
Mass Culture, Popular Culture, and Social Life in the Middle East General DS 57 .M43 1987
Modern Arabic poetry: an anthology General PJ 7694 .E3 M64 1987
Music in the culture of northern Afghanistan General ML 3758 .A3 S6
Musics of Many Cultures: an introduction General ML 3798 .M87
The New Book of Middle Eastern Food General TX 725 .M638 2000
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Reference ML 100 .N48 2001
The New Middle East General DS 119.7 .P447 1993
Persian Cooking for a Healthy Kitchen General TX 725.I7 .B374 1994
The Poetry of our World General PN6101 .P5425 2000
Storytelling Encyclopedia Reference GR 72 .S76 1997
The Traveler's Guide to Middle Eastern and North African customs and manners General DS43 .D45 1991
Third World Women's Literature: a dictionary and guide to materials in English Reference PN849.U43 F58 1995
Understanding the contemporary Middle East General DS44 .U473 2000
Words of Paradise: selected poems of Rumi General PK 6480.E5 A23 2000
World Music: the rough guide Circulation Desk On reserve for Music 100
World Poetry: an anthology of verse of antiquity to our time General PN 6101.W517 1998
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life Reference GN 333.W67 1998
Audiovisual Resources Location Call Number
Arab Music: music of the Near East [phonodisc] Musical Recordings MF 16 .A7 A73 1967
The Arab World [phonodisc] Musical Recordings MF 16. A7 W44ar
Arabic Songs and Dances of Lebanon and Egypt [phonodisc] Musical Recordings MF 16 .A7 G4
Around the World, Vol. 2: the Near East [phonodisc] Musical Recordings MF 16. A1 A76 v.2
Classical Music of Iran [phonodisc] Musical Recordings MF 16. I6 A1z
Classical Vocal Art of Persia [CD] Musical Recordings MF 16. I6 P3 1993
Discovering the Music of the Middle East [video] Circulation Desk ML 348. D5 1985x
Escale au Moye Orient = A Journey to Middle East [CD] Musical Recordings MF 16 .T8 E7 1994
Excursions in World Music [CD] Musical Recordings MF 17 .A1 N6 2000
Journey to the Middle East [CD] Musical Recordings MF 16 .T8 E7 1994
Music of Iran [CD] Musical Recordings MF 16. I6 M8 1991
Mystical Legacies [CD] Musical Recordings MF 16. A1 R3 1997
Voices of the Doumbek [video] General MT 655. V6 1995
World Anthems [CD] Musical Recordings MI 185 .A1 E6 1992
Internet Resources

Ethnomusicology: Middle East and North Africa

A collection of links to Web resources about the study of folk music. The University of Washington Music Library maintains this site.
Encyclopedia of the Orient: the only encyclopedia for North Africa and the Middle East
This website contains excellent background information
about people, countries, political or religious issues. They offer a searchable database for topics as well as audio clips that can be downloaded.
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies: Arts and Humanities Sources
The University of Texas at Austin has created a site with a wealth of resources on the Middle East. Particularly useful are the links for poetry and music.
The Near East collection at Yale University
A vast collection of links on topics such as politics, women, literature, religion and music.
Middle East Music, Song and Dance
Features information on music, song, and dance in the Middle East. Links to sources of Arabic music and other resources on the music of the Middle East.

Compiled by Christine Kickels
January 2003
Assistant Professor and Librarian
(630) 942-2313


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