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Psychology 2233
Developmental Psychology: Adolescence
Videos & DVDs in the College of DuPage Library

ADD, the race inside my head.
Washington , D.C. : GW Television ; Columbus , OH : AHEAD, c1996
(37 min.)
Focuses on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the college environment. Students relate difficulties of coping with ADD in the classroom and other situations. Includes most recent clinical definition of the disorder, diagnosis and medication, and suggestions for service providers and faculty who work with students having ADD.
SUBJECTS Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder; Attention-deficit-disordered youth -- Education (Higher); Attention-deficit-disordered adults -- Services for; College students -- Services for
RC 394. A85 A33 General & Circulation Desk

Adolescence: cognitive & moral development.
Barrington , IL : Magna Systems ; Northbrook , IL : Film Ideas [distributor], c1995
(30 min.)
Discusses the physical-motor development in adolescence and also defines the relationship with parents: ambivalence, interaction, and influence.
SUBJECTS Adolescence; Adolescent psychology; Identity (Psychology) in adolescence
BF724 .A4 1995 Circulation Desk

Adolescence: social and emotional development.
Barrington , IL : Magna Systems ; Northbrook , IL : Film Ideas [distributor], c1995
(38 min.)
Discusses the development of identity in adolescents.
SUBJECTS Adolescence; Adolescent psychology; Identity (Psychology) in adolescence
BF724 .A46 1995 Circulation Desk

Adolescent cognition: thinking in a new key.
San Luis Obispo , CA : Davidson Films, c1999
32 min., 30 sec.); 1 learning guide; 1 computer disk
Referring to the work of Piaget, Erikson, Goffman and his own studies, David Elkind looks at the intellectual, emotional and social consequences that result from the changes in thinking as adolescents undergo the sometimes awkward transition into adult forms of thought.
SUBJECTS Adolescent psychology; Thought and thinking; Self-perception in adolescence
BF724.3.S35 A36 1999 Circulation Desk

Adolescent development.
[ Shawnee Mission , KS : RMI Media Productions], c1990
(30 min.)
Focuses on the development of adolescents.
SUBJECTS Adolescence
CALL NO. HQ796 .A4 1990 Circulation Desk

Body image: let's get real.
Princeton , N.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, c2000
(48 min.)
Using personal, candid statements from teenagers, explores media glorification of arbitrary physical types, peer pressure and how these effect adolescent self-image. Discusses media stereotyping, eating disorders, self-esteem, balanced nutrition and sexuality.
SUBJECTS Body image in adolescence; Mass media and teenagers; Self-esteem in adolescence; Identity (Psychology) in adolescence
BF724.3.B55 B63 2000 General

BodyTalk: teens talk about their bodies, eating disorders and activism.
Berkeley , CA : Body Positive, c1999
(28 min.); 1 facilitator's guide
Discusses body acceptance issues for 9 to 18-year old girls and boys. Girls and boys from diverse ethnic backgrounds and a range of socio-economic status and body sizes discuss the messages they receive from media, family, and fiends about their bodies and eating patterns. Focuses on their resulting struggles, how they resist and change, and how they heal.
SUBJECTS Self-acceptance; Body image; Overweight persons -- Psychology; Weight loss -- Psychological aspects; Self-esteem
BF575.S37 B6 1999 General

Bullied to Death.
A&E Home Video: c2000.
(50 min.)
Examines the "national epidemic" of bullying, which may drive children to violence against themselves or others, and which has played a role in recent schoolyard shootings across the U.S. Includes examinations of the case of a high school sophomore in Atlanta who committed suicide after years of being bullied at school, and the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado committed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who had been teased and taunted at school for years. Offers interviews with children who have been victims of bullying, and looks at a program which aims to prevent the destructive practice.
SUBJECTS: Columbine High School ; Bullying; School Violence; School Shootings; Suicide; Teenagers-Suicidal Behavior.
BF 637 .B85 B8 2000

Bullying: What Every Adult Needs to Know.
Paraclete Press, 2003.
(30 min.)
Educates adults about what bullying is and what they can do to help the young people in their lives when bullying is a problem.
SUBJECTS Bullying; Bullying--Prevention; Aggressiveness in adolescence.
BF 637 .B85 B85 2003

Childhood and adolescence .
Santa Barbara , CA : Intellimation, 1989
(60 min.)
SERIES Title: Seasons of life
Also known as: Psychology 237, Telecourse, College of DuPage
Looks at the developmental "clocks" of childhood and adolescence, particularly the biological one which brings on puberty and the social one in which identity is molded.
SUBJECTS Teenagers; Adolescence; Life cycle, Human
HQ796 .C4 1989 Circulation Desk

Child's play: American adolescence.
Princeton , NJ : Films for the Humanities, c1999
(30 min.)
Examines how a rising divorce rate, frequent relocation, and a fascination with TV, video games, and computers are leaving more and more teenagers under-supervised, rootless, and isolated. Increasingly detached from traditional values and lifestyles, these young adults face daunting obstacles without the support base enjoyed by previous generations. Investigates the hurdles faced by today's teens and discusses how their hopes, fears, and expectations will shape American society. Experts include top officers of the Families and Work Institute, National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Research Center , and National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Control.
SUBJECTS Adolescence; Teenagers -- United States -- Family relationships
HQ796 .C45 1999 Circulation Desk

Dealing with depression.
(24 min.)
Discusses the symptoms of clinical depression, various kinds of depression, and differing methods of treatment. Includes depression in teenagers and the elderly.
SUBJECT Depression, Mental
RC537 .D38 1991 General

Developing child.
Also known as: Child care 101, Telecourse, College of DuPage
Provides basic information on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children.
1A. Child observation techniques -- 1. Study of the child : history and trends -- 2. Theories of development -- 3. Observation -- 4. Heredity and the environment -- 5. Prenatal development -- 6. Pregnancy and birth -- 7. The newborn -- 8. Infancy : landmarks of development -- 9. Infancy : beginnings in cognition and language -- 10. Infancy : early relationships -- 11. Infancy : self and social world -- 12. Early child care and education -- 13. The child in the family -- 13A. Styles of parenting -- 14. Nutrition -- 15. Exceptional children -- 16. Toddlerhood : physical and cognitive development -- 17. Toddlerhood : emotional development -- 17A. The terrific twos -- 18. Preschoolers : physical and cognitive development -- 18A. Piaget's developmental theory -- 19. Preschoolers : social and emotional development -- 20. Play -- 20A. The creative spirit - pt. 1 -- 21. Language development -- 22. Self identity and sex role development -- 23. Moral development -- 24. Middle childhood : physical growth and development -- 25.Middle childhood ; cognitive and language development -- 26. Middle childhood : social and emotional development -- 27. Adolescence: Physical growth and development -- 28. Adolescence : cognitive and moral development -- 29. Adolescence : social and emotional development -- 30. Adolescence : current issues I -- 31. Adolescence : current issues II.
SUBJECT Child development; Child psychology
LB1115 .D4 1997 Circulation Desk & Lombard & Westmont & Bloomingdale & Naperville & Telecourse

Discovering psychology. Program 17-18.
[ Boston , Mass. ] : WGBH Educational Foundation ; [ South Burlington , VT ] : [distributed by] Annenberg/CPB, c2001
(ca. 60 min.)
NOTE Presents two episodes; each episode ca. 30 min.
Part of a 26-part introductory course in psychology that offers an overview of historic and current theories of human behavior and features demonstrations, classic experiments and simulations. Program 17 questions whether men and women are psychologically different or if they are similar in some ways. Also examines how sex roles reflect social values. Program 18 looks at physical and psychological aging and shows how society reacts to the last stages of life. NOTE Sex and gender -- Maturing and aging. SUBJECTS Sex differences (Psychology); Sex role -- Sociological aspects; Gender identity; Psychosexual development; Sex (Psychology); Aging -- Psychological aspects; Aging; Psychology -- Research
BF121 .D532 2001 Circulation Desk & General

Dying to be thin.
South Burlington , VT : WGBH Video : WGBH Educational Foundation, 2000
(60 min.)
Looks at the eating disorders anorexia nervosa and bulimia, current treatments, and the American obsession with thin women. Interviews health experts and models, ballet dancers, and other young women who are seeking recovery or have conquered their disease.
RC 552 .E18 D955 2000 General

Everybody rides the carousel: a view of the stages of life.
Carmel , Calif. : [released by] Pacific Arts Corp., [198-?], c1975.
(72 min.)
Presents in animation the eight stages of life in the phases of personality development described by psychologist Erik H. Erikson. Includes a variety of open-ended situations.
SUBJECT Developmental psychology.
BF 713 .E8 1985x Circulation Desk

The Famine within.
Santa Monica , CA : Direct Cinema Limited, 1990
(90 min.)
Documents the contemporary obsession with an unrealistic body size and shape among North American women and the eating disorders it engenders.
SUBJECTS Body image; Women -- Mental health; Femininity (Psychology); Sex role; Eating disorders
BF697.5.B63 F3 1990 General

42 up.
Brooklyn , NY : First Run/Icarus Films, c1998
(134 min.)
Follows a group of Britons from different economic and social backgrounds, interviewing them at the age of seven, then again at fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, and now at forty-two to examine how close they are to achieving the dreams and ambitions of their childhood and youth.
SUBJECTS Developmental psychology -- Great Britain -- Case studies; Life cycle, Human -- Case studies; Child development -- Great Britian -- Case studies; Maturation (Psychology) -- Case studies.; Children -- Great Britain -- Longitudinal studies; Children's questions and answers; Great Britain -- Social life and customs -- 1945-
HQ792.G7 F6 1998 General

The house of tomorrow.
New York , NY : Distributed by Ambrose Video, c1991
(57 min.)
Explores the emotional and physical transformations that characterize puberty and adolescence. Shows varying rites of passage in different cultures. Discusses the impact of childhood on the adult.
SUBJECTS Adolescence; Adolescent psychology; Puberty
HQ 781 .C4 1991x pt.7 Circulation Desk

Inside the Teenage Brain.
PBS Video, c2002.
(60 min.)
Describes how experts are exploring the recesses of the brain and finding explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do and how the new discoveries can change the way we teach, or perhaps even understand, our teenagers.
SUBJECTS Cognition in adolescence; Pediatric neuropsychology; Teenagers; Brain-Growth.
BF 723 .C5 I56

Lost borders: coming of age in the wilderness.
Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, c1998
(56:40 min.); 1 study guide
Teenagers are guided through an ancient rite of passage in the wilderness, including three days of solitude, fasting, and exposure to the elements
SUBJECTS Teenagers, Counseling of; Adolescent psychology; Vision quests; Survival skills
BF724 .L67 1998 Circulation Desk

The merchants of cool.
Boston : WGBH Educational Foundation ; [distributed by] PBS Video, c2001
(60 min.)
Today's teenagers have more money and independence than ever before. Their lives have become the object of obsessive focus by corporate America . Frontline explores the culture in which todays American teenager is growing up and how they've come to view themselves and their parents. SUBJECT Teenage consumers -- United States .
SUBJECTS Advertising and youth -- United States ; Mass media and teenagers -- United States; Marketing -- Moral and ethical aspects -- United States ; Marketing -- Social aspects -- United States ; Popular culture -- United States
HQ799.2.M35 M47 2001 General

A promise broken.
New York , NY : Filmakers Library, c1990
(30 min.)
Shows the friends and family of a teenage suicide victim as they grapple with grief, guilt and anger. SUBJECTS Bereavement -- Psychological aspects; Teenagers -- Suicidal behavior
BF724.3.G73 P7 1990 General

Remembering Tom.
Fanlight Productions, c1999.
(24 min.)
Explores the tragic aftermath of a young man's suicide and the painful impact on his family.
SUBJECTS Teenagers-Suicidal Behavior; Suicide; Grief.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
HV 6546 .R464 1999

Reviving Ophelia: saving the selves of adolescent girls.
Northampton , MA : Media Education Foundation, 1998
(35 min.)
Based on the presenter's book of the same title, her other books, and her clinical practice. NOTE Mary Pipher discusses the challenges facing today's teenagers, especially girls, as well as the role of media and popular culture in shaping their identities.
SUBJECTS Teenage girls -- Psychology; Teenage girls -- Family relationships; Self-esteem in adolescence
HQ798 .P573 1998 Circulation Desk

Saying goodbye: teens talk about grief.
Wayland, Mass. : Aquarius Productions, c1992
2 videocassettes (71 min.)
Helps adolescents understand that their responses and feelings are normal and that they can survive a major loss and go on with their lives as other teens have. The teaching version helps adults better understand, accept, and support teens' grief in order to help them feel safe and, eventually, hopeful. The teaching version incorporates the entire teen version and is interlaced with instructional suggestions. NOTE [v. 1]. Teen (34 min.) -- [v. 2]. Teaching (37 min.)
SUBJECTS Grief in adolescence; Bereavement in adolescence; Teenagers and death; Grief
BF724.3.G73 S3 1992 General

Science of the sexes.
Discovery Channel, 2003.
(2 videodiscs, 104 min.)
"Growing up" episode explores the issue of nature versus nurture through a cross-cultural study of two teenagers on different continents. "Different by design" episode explores the physical and mental aspects of human sexuality from adulthood to old age.
Pt. 1. Growing Up; Pt. 2 Different by Design
SUBJECTS Brain--Sex differences--Cross-cultural studies; Nature and nurture--Cross-cultural studies; Teenage boys; Teenage girls; Sex; Sex customs; Sexual attraction; Sexual intercourse.
LOCATION HQ 1075 .S35 2003

Serious depression.
Princeton , NJ : Films for the Humanities, 1991, c1990
(28 min.)
Viewers meet a woman and a suicidal teenager who have experienced depression. Guth interviews experts on its causes and treatment.
SUBJECTS Depression, Mental; Depression in adolescence
RC537 .S4 1991 General

Stop Bullying!: Standing Up for Yourself and Others.
Paraclete Press, 2003.
(20 min.)
Presents concrete steps students can take to respond to bullying.
SUBJECTS Bullying; Bullying--Prevention; Aggressiveness in adolescence.
BF 637 .B85 S866 2003

Teen Sex.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004.
(45 min.)
Examines how and why teens are rewriting the book on sexual mores. Adolescents share their intimate views and concerns as they talk about peer pressure, double standards, the influence of the media, having intercourse, whether oral sex is sex, STDs, birth control, pregnancy, and whether they and their families are emotionally prepared to deal with all of this. Contains mature themes and explicit language and imagery.
SUBJECTS Youth--Sexual behavior; Teenagers--Sexual behavior.
HQ 27 .T44 2004

Teen Suicide: Finding the Will to Live.
CLEARVUE/eav, 2002, c2001.
(2 videos, 62 min.)
With a particular emphasis on teens, presents some of the common myths about suicide, the psychological reasons and conditions leading to a person considering suicide, common warning signs, and information on who to contact for help. Includes discussions with experts and people who have either attempted suicide or lost someone to suicide.
Part 1. Understanding suicide : why would someone do that? (28 min.) -- Part 2. Identifying warning signs and preventing suicide (34 min.)
SUBJECTS Teenagers-Suicidal Behavior; Adolescent Psychology; Suicide.
HV 6546 .T446 2002

Teenage Suicide: The Silent Threat.
A&E Home Video, c1999.
(50 min.)
A teen with bipolar disorder describes her suicide attempt and her struggle to deal with her illness through medication and therapy. Parents of several teens whose depression and/or eating disorders led to suicide also relate their experiences and mental health experts tell of promising screening projects that may help identify at-risk youth and lead to effective prevention.
SUBJECTS Teenagers-Suicidal Behavior; Suicide- United States -Prevention; Depression in Adolescence; Manic-Depressive Illness in Adolescence.
HV 6546 .T446


Teens: what makes them tick.
Princeton , N.J. : Films for the Humanities, c1999
(41 min.)
Looks at the mental and physical differences between teenagers and adults. Seeks scientific explanations for why teens act the way they do, sometimes even weird in adults' eyes.
SUBJECTS Adolescent psychology; Teenagers -- Physiology
BF724 .T46 1999 Circulation Desk

Theories of Human Development .
Teaching Co. , c2002.
(6 videos, 720 min.)
In twenty-four, 30 minute lectures, Professor Malcolm W. Watson introduces six theories that have had the greatest influence on the the study of human development. He discusses the key contributions that have been made by these theories and the theorists behind them, as they examine all aspects of human development, including the ways in which what happens to us in childhood plays such a role in who we are as adults.
Part 1. Tape 1. lecture 1. Introduction: the value of theories. lecture 2. The early history of child study. lecture 3. Two worldviews: Locke vs. Rousseau. lecture 4. Later history: becoming scientific -- Tape 2. lecture 5. Freud's psychodynamic theory. lecture 6. How we gain contact with reality: the ego. lecture 7. Freud's psycho-sexual stages. lecture 8. Erikson's psycho-social theory -- Tape 3. lecture 9. Erikson's early stage. lecture 10. Identity and intimacy. lecture 11. Erikson's later stages: adult development. lecture 12. Bowlby and Ainsworth's attachment theory -- Part 2. Tape 1. lecture 13. How nature ensures that attachment will occur. lecture 14. Development of secure and insecure attachment. lecture 15. Early attachments and adult relationships. lecture 16. Bandura's social learning theory -- Tape 2. lecture 17. Bandura's self-efficacy theory. lecture 18. Piaget's cognitive-developmental theory. lecture 19. Piaget's early stages. lecture 20. Concrete operations -- Tape 3. lecture 21. Piaget's last stage. lecture 22. Vygotsky's cognitive-mediation theory. lecture 23. Vygotsky's zone of proximal development. lecture 24. Conclusions: our nature and development.
SUBJECTS Developmental Psychology; Life Cycle, Human.
BF 713 .T455 2002

35 up.
[ New York ] : Fox/Lorber Home Video ; Los Angeles , CA : sold exclusively by Orion Home Video, c1997
(123 min.)
Michael Apted revisits at age 35 the same group of Britons which he previously interviewed at ages 7, 14, 21, and 28. The subjects are from a variety of economic and social groups. Through the interviews, viewers have quite literally watched the youngsters grow up to become adults. Traces their ambitions, successes, failures, loves, and even one's madness.
SUBJECTS Developmental psychology -- Great Britain -- Case studies; Child development -- Great Britain -- Case studies; Maturation (Psychology) -- Case studies
HQ792.G7 F59 1997 General

Transitions Through the Lifespan.
Coast Learning Systems, c2003.
(26 videos, 30 mins. each)
Also available in DVD format.
Used for the Psychology 237 telecourse.
Offers an engaging look at human development across the life span, paying particular attention to the biological, cognitive, and psychosocial processes that people experience as they adapt to life circumstances. The course provides students with a chance to observe people during all stages of life and hear from many leading human development experts and medical professionals.
tape 1. The developing person -- tape 2. A scientific approach -- tape 3. Nature and nurture: the dance of life -- tape 4. The wondrous journey -- tape 5. Grow, baby, grow -- tape 6. The little scientists -- tape 7. Getting to know you -- tape 8. Playing and growing -- tape 9. Playing and learning -- tape 10. Playing and socializing -- tape 11. The golden years of childhood -- tape 12. The age of reason -- tape 13. A society of children -- tape 14. Explosions -- tape 15. What if? -- tape 16. Who am I? -- tape 17. Choices -- tape 18. Decisions, decisions -- tape 19. Love and work -- tape 20. Thriving in midlife -- tape 21. Use it or lose it -- tape 22. Making lemonade -- tape 23. Accepting the challenge -- tape 24. Making memories -- tape 25. Staying in the game -- tape 26. Living and dying.
SUBJECTS Psychology.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
BF 121 .T73 2003

28 up.
New York , NY : Real Video/New Video Group, c1991
(136 min.)
Follows a group of British youngsters from a variety of economic and social backgrounds as they grow up, interviewing them at the ages of seven, fourteen, twenty-one, and twenty-eight. Provides a sociological and cultural history of postwar Britain as well as an examination of the process of growing up.
SUBJECTS Developmental psychology -- Great Britain -- Case studies; Life cycle, Human -- Case studies
BF 713 .T9 1991 General

The Up Series.
First Run Features, 2004.
(5 videodiscs, 576 min.)
In 1964 Michael Apted interviewed a group of seven year old children from diverse backgrounds from all over England , asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Every seven years, Apted has been back to talk to the same subjects.
SUBJECTS Developmental psychology-- Great Britain --Case studies; Child development-- Great Britain --Case studies; Life cycle, Human--Case studies; Maturation (Psychology)--Case studies
HQ 792 .G7 F62 2004

What a Girl Wants.
Media Education Foundation, c2000.
(DVD, 30 min.)
Eleven girls ages 8 to 16 and two classrooms of middle and high school students discuss their views on mass media and how it impacts their lives.
SUBJECTS Teenage Girls; Body Image in Adolescence; Mass Media and Teenagers; Teenage Girls in Popular Culture.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
HQ 798 .W453 2000

Wrestling with Manhood: Boys, Bullying and Battering.
Media Education Foundation, c2002.
(DVD, 120 min.)
Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, shows how this "entertainment" is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence.
SECTIONS: Taking wrestling seriously -- Happy & escalating violence -- Making men: glamorizing bullying -- Homophobia & constructing heterosexuality -- Divas: sex & male fantasy -- Normalizing gender violence -- It's only entertainment. EXTRAS: Billy & Chuck get married: homophobia & the commitment ceremony -- Relationships are for wimps: wrestling & rugged individualism -- The Rock in the White House? politics & manhood -- Wrestling with history: race & class in the ring.
SUBJECTS Wrestling-Social Aspects; Youth and Violence; Bullying; Aggressiveness in Adolescence; Masculinity; Machismo.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
GV 1196.4 .S63 W747


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