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Horticulture Periodicals


Online databases provide access to indexing of periodicals and links to the full-text of articles online. Databases are normally searched by topic or subject, but you can also search for a specific article title, a specific journal title or by article author. Associates Programs Source and Academic Search Premier are good places to start searching for articles. Remember that you will need to have your Library Card handy to use these resources from home.

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Try these databases first:

Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete is a great database for finding articles on ornamental horticulture, including trade journals such as Horticulture, Flower and Garden and Green Places . This database also links to articles about business aspects of the Ornamental Horticulture field.
Printing and emailing are available from this database.

Academic OneFile

AONE is a good place to start for information on the general and business aspects of this field.
Printing and emailing are available from this database.

Associates Programs Source Plus

Associates Programs is a great tool since it focuses on community college/associates degree topics has tons of trade publications and research articles.
Printing and emailing are available from this database.

Science Direct Science Direct is a great choice to find materials of a scholarly nature about horticulture, botany and agriculture. REMEMBER to choose "Subscribed Sources!"

What follows outlines a technique for locating "inside" information about local businesses in the horticulture industry.
Reference USA

Reference USA

Reference USA provides access to a database over 12 million U.S. businesses. The information in this database is searchable by business type and company location.

This means you can find information about different types of ornamental horticulture businesses in the DuPage area.

  • Once you have entered Reference USA, choose the "Business database", then click the "Custom Search" tab.
  • Check the box next to "YP Heading or SIC" and "County", then click "Create Search Form".
  • Try searching "horticulture" or "landscaping" in the "Yellow page heading" box (or you can try the major area headings from your assignment), and enter "DuPage", "Kane", etc., in the "county" box. Make sure you also select "Illinois" from the "State" menu. Then click "Search Now".
  • Select as many industry headings as you would like from the "Exact Matches" and "Related Matches" boxes, and click "Search Now".
  • Click on any of the company names in your results list to see information about that company.

Although Reference USA provides quite a bit of information about a business, why stop there? Once you have found a business in Reference USA, look for a field labeled "URL". This will give the company's web site address. If no URL is listed, you can search for a business's web site by using a search engine such as Google. For more accurate results, be sure to put double quotes around the business name when you type it into the search box (for example: "feller landscape group").

If you can locate a company's web site, you can often find even more specific information about the types of services offered by the business, pictures of recently completed projects, and contact email addresses.

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