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Hort 1100 Introduction to Horticulture

Tree Planting Assignment

Planting a tree is not as simple as it seems. While the steps involved are fairly standard, (see below) the method for each step can vary or even be contradictory.

Typical Tree Planting Guidelines include:

Hole size, shape, and depth Amending the soil
Fertilizing Pruning
Watering Staking
Mulching Protecting the trunk

This assignment is designed to have you compare tree-planting guidelines from a variety of sources, organize this information into an annotated bibliography, analyze the guidelines, and write a summary of your conclusions. We will then use this information to generate class discussion, tie it to course content, and generate a "best practice" guideline for tree planting.

From within the library's web site, choose these pages to get started:

Your sources:
Analyzing your materials:
Creating a bibliography:

If you get stuck or have any questions about your assignment, call the Horticulture Librarian, Denise Cote at 630-942-2092 or email at: cotede@cod.edu

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