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Debra J. Kakuk Smith

Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that teaching should be an informative, yet enjoyable experience for all involved. Humor and positive reinforcement woven into a clear, well-organized delivery of practical information, including hands-on interaction whenever possible, create the best learning environment. I assume the role of facilitator within my classes. I believe that as a liaison faculty librarian, classroom environments should consist of a learning triangle between myself (the information professional), the instructor (subject specialist) and the students. I encourage a free flow of information and knowledge sharing between faculty and students, students and other students, students and the librarian, and the librarian and faculty. In such a cooperative environment, each participant can contribute positively to the growth and development of everyone involved.

Role of a Faculty Reference Librarian

The role of a Faculty Reference Librarian in a comprehensive community college includes, but is not limited to: designing and delivering quality instruction within the library and classrooms as well as to remote locations; fostering critical thinking skills in students and empowering them to become independent information seekers; collaborating with faculty to support their curricular and research needs as well as enriching the Library's collections in support of the curriculum; providing exceptional, timely reference assistance to faculty, students and the community; assessing existing information literacy efforts and striving to improve and/or expand services to meet current or anticipated client needs.

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