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Internet Explorer:
Saving & Incorporating Images Into PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint and Internet Explorer. Using IE, locate an image that you'd like to save..

Determine if you want to save this image to your hard drive or a disk for later use, or if you will only need to use this item once and want to cut and paste it from the web into your presentation.


To cut and paste an image:

  • locate the image to be copied in Explorer [maximize "thumbnail" images prior to saving]
  • right click the object
  • select Copy from the gray pop-up menu

Note : remember to record URL and additional citation information for the image

  • maximize PowerPoint and create or open a presentation (see below for detailed instructions)
  • right click on a blank slide
  • select Paste from the gray pop-up menu
  • adjust the picture and add citation information


To save an image to a network location, C: drive, or to a disk before inserting:

  • Right click on the image
  • Select Save as… from the gray pop-up menu

A Save As…dialogue box will appear

In the dialogue box:

Use the down arrow next to the save in: box to select your C: drive or other location

Rename the file name to something you'll remember

Reminder: .jpg, .jpeg and .gif are preferred formats (types), .bmp files are often too large for PowerPoint presentations

Click the save button

Note: remember to record URL and additional citation information for the image

Open PowerPoint:

Click File then select New from the drop down menu

Select Open an existing presentation (if you have already created a portion of your presentation), or select one of the New presentation options (i.e. Blank presentation, AutoContent wizard, Design templates, etc) if you are just beginning to create your show.

Note: the next steps refer to creating slides for your image(s), you may wish to select a title slide or other text slides prior to inserting your image slides. Experiment with the different types of slides-- the icons describe and give you a "visual" of the layout!

Click once on the blank slide icon and click the OK button

To insert one of the saved images:

Select insert from the menu bar

From the pull down menu, select Picture, then click From File

Using the dialogue box, select the proper location and open the desired saved image.

Once the image is inserted, you can resize it and add the proper citation information by creating a text box at the bottom of the screen for the info.

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