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Psychology 1140: Human Sexuality
Videos & DVDs

100% woman
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2005
(DVD, 60 min.)
A post-operative transsexual, Michelle Dumaresq, has provoked outrage by entering the sport of women's mountain bike racing. The program explores complex issues of gender identity surrounding the controversy and manifested in Dumaresq's personal and professional relationships. Includes commentary from her parents and interviews with Michelle, friends, and rival cyclists.
SUBJECTS Transsexualism.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
HQ 77.8 .D86 O64

Becoming orgasmic: a sexual growth program for woman.
Focus International, c1976
(47 min.)
Shows a woman looking at her body, exploring her genitals, and discovering areas of her body that give her pleasure. The woman continues to explore ways of pleasuring herself by experimenting with techniques, including erotic body movement exercises. Finally, the woman pleasures herself in the presence of her male partner and guides him as he learns to pleasure her effectively.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
HQ 46 .B4 1976x
SUBJECTS Sex instruction for women; Female orgasm; Sex (Psychology)

Being gay: coming out in the 21st century.
Monmouth Junction, NJ : Cambridge Educational, 2003
(25 mins.)
Presents the accounts and stories of gays who have recently taken the step of coming out. Interviewees and experts discuss the benefits of this important transition by examining the six stages of coming to terms with one's sexual identity.
SUBJECT Coming out (sexual orientation); Homosexuality
HQ 76.8 .U5 B456 General

Chance of a lifetime.
New York , N.Y. : Gay Men's Health Crisis, c1985-c1986
(47 min.)
Presents three realistic socio-sexual situations in which safer sex is discussed and practiced by gay men. Presents a variety of sexual possibilities and preferences from intimacy between two lovers to group sex. Encourages the viewer to identify and practice sexual behavior which involves less risk for the transmission of AIDS. For classroom use only; individual use with consent of instructor.
SUBJECTS Hygiene, Sexual; Sex instruction; Homosexuality; AIDS (Disease)
HQ 76.25 .C4 1986x Circulation Desk

Date rape: behind closed doors.
Cambridge Educational, c1994
(35 min.)
Learn specific actions to take to avoid becoming victims of date rape or acquaintance rape, along with coping strategies should it happen to you or someone you know.
SUBJECTS Acquaintance rape; Dating violence.
HV 6561 .D3 1994 Circulation Desk

Note: For other videos on date rape, look under �acquaintance rape� in the Library's Catalog.

Deepest desires.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2003.
(49 min.)
What conditions of physical attraction tend to subtly speak out to members of the opposite sex? Why is there typically a fundamental difference in attitudes between men and women toward sexual relations? What physiological factors can influence men and women to stray from their partners? This program seeks to answer those and other questions as it sheds light on the mystery of sexual attraction.
SUBJECTS: Sexual attraction.
HQ 21 .D44 2003 Circulation Desk

Dreamworlds 2 : desire/sex/power in music video.
Northampton , MA : Media Education Foundation, c1995
(57 min.)
A controversial video that MTV tried to ban. Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on society and culture in our everyday life. Shows scenes from over 165 music videos to show how the media portrays masculinity, femininity, sex, and sex roles. Includes a scene of a brutal gang rape from the movie, The accused.
SUBJECTS Sex in mass media; Sex on television; Violence in mass media; Women in mass media; Sex role in mass media; Mass media -- United States
PN1992.8.M87 D7 1995 Circulation Desk

Gay lives, culture wars.
Democracy Media, c1995
(27 min.)
Gay men and women describe the difficulties of growing up gay, while their parents tell how the family dealt with the gay child's dilemma and tried to help him/her cope. Reviews the Oregon Citizen's Alliance campaign to pass anti-gay laws in the state.
SUBJECTS Gays�Family relationships; Coming out (Sexual orientation)
HQ 76.25 .G39 General

Girls like us.
Women Make Movies, 1997
(60 min.)
This documentary explores female teenage experiences of sexuality and pregnancy. An ethnically diverse group of four working class girls strut, flirt and testify about their lives. Filmed in South Philadelphia over a period of four years and following its protaganists from age 14 to 18, it brings into sharp relief the conflicts of growing up female, exposing the impact of class, sexism and violence on the dreams and expectations of teenage girls.
SUBJECTS Teenage girls�Sexual behavior; Teenage pregnancy.
HQ 798 .G5 1997 Circulation Desk

Growing up gay.
Los Angeles , Calif. : Distributed by Motivational Media, c1993
(56:40 min.)
Presents a compelling look at the challenges of growing up gay in a heterosexual world.
SUBJECT Homosexuality; Gays -- Identity; Lesbians -- Identity
HQ76.25 .G76 1993 General

The history of sex.
[ South Burlington , VT ] : A&E Home Video : History Channel ; New York , NY : Distributed by New Video Group, [2000]
4 videocassettes (250 min.)
Explores the history of sex and sexual practices around the world from ancient civilizations through the 20th century. NOTE v. 1. Ancient civilizations -- v. 2. The Eastern world -- v. 3. The Middle Ages -- v. 4. From Don Juan to Queen Victoria ; The 20th century.
SUBJECT Sex customs -- History; Sex and history
HQ12 .H57 2000 General

Homosexuality, nature vs. nurture.
Princeton , NJ : Films for the Humanities & Sciences [distributor], [1988], c1987
(25 min.)
Explores the origins of human sexualty, examining the biological, genetic, psychological and cultural roots of sexual behavior. Includes interviews with gays, psychiatrists and researchers.
SUBJECT Homosexuality; Gays -- Attitudes.
HQ76.25 .H674 1988x Circulation Desk

The human sexes.
Bethesda , MD : Discovery Channel Video, c1997
6 videocassettes (ca. 50 min. ea.)
Desmond Morris discusses his research on human sexuality and sex roles. Includes discussions of cultural differences. NOTE v. 1. Different but equal -- v. 2. Language of the sexes -- v. 3. Patterns of love -- v. 4. Passages of life -- v. 5. The maternal dilemma -- v. 6. The gender wars.
SUBJECTS Sex (Psychology); Sex differences (Psychology); Masculinity; Femininity; Sex role
BF692.2 .H84 1997 General & Circulation Desk

It's personal.
INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, c2001
(28 mins.)
Explores the development of sexual behavior and the range of sexual experience and preference that exist within society today. It also probes the question of whether the fear of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases has caused sexual behavior patterns to change.
SUBJECTS Sex; Sex customs; Sexually transmitted diseases�Social aspects.
RA 776 .H86 2001 pt. 6

Kids and sex.
New York , NY : ABC News, c1995
(23 min.)
The first segment of this report reveals what very young children know and talk about in our sex-saturated society. Shows new, disturbing attitudes among the very young with the implication that all the sex shown on daytime or primetime TV and in movies is not going over the heads of these children. The second segment discusses aggressive children and their sexual activities in school and on the playground. Also discusses abuse reactive behavior. NOTE pt. 1. Age of innocents / edited by Ed Delgado, Jim Sabat (16 min.) -- pt. 2. Innocence lost / edited by Ralph Avellino (7 min.)
SUBJECTS Children and sex; Children -- Attitudes; Sex role in children; Children -- Sexual behavior
HQ784.S45 K5 1995 Circulation Desk

PBS Home Video, c2005
(90 min.)
Kinsey was a scientist whose repressed childhood, personal struggles and obsessive nature would propel him to conduct the first full-scale study of sexual behavior, and break through America 's silence on human sexuality. Includes interviews with members of Kinsey's original research team, his daughters, and biographers.
SUBJECTS: Sexology; Sexologists; Kinsey, Alfred.
HQ 18.32. K56 K567 2005

The Libido.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004.
Examines the intimate physiological, societal, and evolutionary forces that have shaped the human sex drive over time and continue to regulate it. Topics covered include the differences between male and female sexuality, hormones, puberty, restrictive versus permissive societies, the hidden ovulation theory of pair-bonding, and menopause and andropause.
SUBJECTS Sexual instinct; Sex (Psychology)
LOCATION Circulation Desk
HQ 19. L534

Love, intimacy and sexuality.
S. Burlington , VT : Annenberg/CPB Collection, 1993
(57 min.); 1 faculty guide
SERIES Title: Growing old in a new age ; 4
In this program, older couples speak frankly about their enjoyment of sex. Experts examine physical and emotional issues of sexuality.
SUBJECT Aged; Aged -- Sexual behavior; Sex (Psychology); Aging -- Physiological aspects
HQ1064.U5 G7 1993, pt.4 Circulation Desk

On being gay: a conversation with Brian McNaught.
Boston, MA : TRB Productions, c1986
(75 min.)
Author, counselor, and lecturer Brian McNaught dispels myths about homosexuality. He talks about growing up gay in a straight world and discusses such topics as Bible-based bigotry, stereotypes, transvestism, transexualism, and AIDS.
SUBJECTS Gay men -- United States -- Biography; Homosexuality -- United States ; AIDS (Disease); Transvestism -- United States ; Sex change -- United States .
HQ75.8.M3 O6 1986 General

Out: stories of lesbian and gay youth.
New York , NY : Filmakers Library, c1994
(43 min.)
Records the personal stories of gay and lesbian youth who are faced with social isolation, rejection by family and peers and the threat of homophobic violence, yet despite the odds are able to make it through and get on with their lives.
SUBJECTS Gay teenagers; Gay youth; Homosexuality
HQ76.25 .O97 1994 General

The personals: improvisations on romance in the golden years.
[Boston, MA] : Fanlight Productions, c1998
(37 min.)
Follows a drama group of senior citizens performing onstage and as they live their everyday lives.
SUBJECTSAged -- New York (State) -- New York -- Anecdotes; Manhattan ( New York , N.Y. ) -- Social life and customs -- Anecdotes
HQ1061 .P47 1998 Circulation Desk

Physiological responses of the sexually stimulated female in the laboratory.
New York : Focus International ; S[an] F[rancisco] : distributed by Multi Media Resource Center , c1974
(16 min.)
Demonstrates the variety of physiological responses induced by sexual stimulation in the female in the laboratory.
SUBJECTS Sex (Biology); Generative organs, Female; Sexology -- Research; Orgasm -- Physiological aspects
QP 251 .P4 1974x Circulation Desk

Physiological responses of the sexually stimulated male in the laboratory.
New York : Focus International, 1974
(16 min.)
Demonstrates the variety of physiological responses induced by sexual stimulation in the male in the laboratory.
SUBJECTS Sex (Biology); Generative organs, Male; Sexology -- Research; Orgasm -- Physiological aspects
QP 251 .P42 1974x Circulation Desk

Raising sexually healthy children: sexual development, sexual abuse prevention & self-esteem for children under seven.
Learning Seed, 1998
(28 min.)
Prepares current and future parents to handle important body issues that develop during a child's early years. Shows how to protect children from sexual abuse. Teaches how to train children to recognize improper advances, to say "No" to a perpetrator, and to speak up if an incident occurs.
SUBJECTS Children and sex.
LOCATION: Circulation Desk
HQ 784 .S45 R3 1998

Rape under the influence: sexual assault on campus.
Discover Films Video, c2001
(34 min.)
Documentary on the connection between acquaintance rape, alcohol, and date rape drugs. Students witness the story of "Jenny," an actual survivor of a gang-rape while under the influence of a date rape drug.
SUBJECTS Rape; Acquaintance rape; College students�Sexual behavior.
HV 6561 .R364 2001

Note: For other videos on rape, look under �Rape� in the Library's Catalog.

Risky business.
INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, c2001
(28 mins.)
Examines the current incidence of diseases spread from one person to another during sexual activity, and how the use of contraceptives protects sexual partners and unborn children from contracting such diseases.
SUBJECTS Sexually transmitted diseases�Prevention.
RA 776 .H86 2001 pt. 7

WGBH Boston Video, c2001.
(60 min.)
Explores gender identity with contributions of psychologists and researchers, and through personal insights from the Reimer family, including candid, heartrending interviews with Janet Reimer and her son, who ultimately rejected his female identity and is now living as a man.
SUBJECTS Reimer, Bruce; Sex Change; Gender Identity Disorders in Children.
RC 560 .G45 S49 2001

Sexually-transmitted diseases.
Films for the Humanities, c1995
(23 min.)
Intended as a comprehensive practical guide to the more prevalent sexually transmitted diseases: AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, and venereal warts. Provides a detailed and complete description of causes, symptoms, and treatments for these illnesses, as well as current scientific knowledge about how to combat them.
SUBJECTS Sexually transmitted diseases.
LOCATION Circulation Desk
RC 200 .S497 1995

Teen sex.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004.
(45 min.)
Examines how and why teens are rewriting the book on sexual mores. Adolescents share their intimate views and concerns as they talk about peer pressure, double standards, the influence of the media, having intercourse, whether oral sex is sex, STDs, birth control, pregnancy, and whether they and their families are emotionally prepared to deal with all of this. Contains mature themes and explicit language and imagery.
SUBJECTS Youth--Sexual behavior; Teenagers--Sexual behavior.
HQ 27 .T44 2004

Tongues untied.
Strand Releasing, 1996
(55 min.)
In an experimental amalgam of rap music, street poetry, documentary film, and dance, a gay African-American man expresses what it is like to be gay and black in the United States . Although he deals with social ostracism and fear of AIDS, he affirms the beauty and significance of the gay black man.
SUBJECTS African American gays; African Americans�Race identity; African Americans�Civil rights; African Americans�Sexual behavior
E 185.625 .T66 1996 General

Transgender revolution.
A & E Home Video, 2002.
(46 min.)
Investigative Reports goes beyond ignorance and stereotypes for an intimate portrayal of the people who choose to change their sexuality. Among the unexpected, ferociously articulate characters we meet are a female-to-male transsexual who works for the Tampa sheriff's office, a male-to-female electrical designer who has hosted an MIT radio show called Gendertalk, and a Southern good-old-boy who we follow through his surgical transformation. The Transgender Revolution also examines the fast-growing movement to combat gender oppression, highlighting the nation's most notorious transsexual killings and a Congressional battle over including transsexuals in the Hate Crimes Act.
SUBJECTS Gender identity--United States; Transsexuals-- United States ; Transvestites--United States
RC 560 .G45 T73 1998

The Vagina monologues.
Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002
(77 min.)
Captures all the intimacy, emotion, and laugher of Ensler's performance of her award-winning, one-woman play. Between monologues, documentary-style footage is used to explore the creative impetus behind the play as Ensler conducts interviews with a widely divergent cross-section of women. These discussions about a once-taboo topic complement the individual monologues.
SUBJECTS Vagina; Women
PS 3555. N75 V3 2002 General

Why am I gay?: stories of coming out in America .
New York , NY : Distributed by Ambrose Video Pub., [1994], c1993
(60 min.)
For high school and college students, parents, counselors, youth workers and teachers. Presents case studies to explore what it is like to be homosexual in a predominantly heterosexual culture. Includes comments from authorities in brain research, genetics, psychiatry, anthropology, and psychology who discuss evidence that homosexuality may be genetically determined.
SUBJECTS Gays -- United States ; Homosexuality -- United States ; Homosexuality -- Genetic aspects
HQ76.3.U5 W4 1993 General

The World of abnormal psychology. Part 7, sexual disorders.
(60 min.)
Also known as: Psychology 260, Telecourse, College of DuPage
Discusses a variety of sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders, focusing on pedophilia, rape, gender dysphoria and desire, and arousal disorders. Addresses potential psychological, sociocultural, and biological causal factors as well as approaches to treatment.
SUBJECTS Psychosexual disorders; Psychosexual disorders -- Treatment; Sexual disorders
RC556 .W67 1992 Circulation Desk & Circ Desk Reserves & Lombard & Glendale Heights & Westmont & Naperville


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