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Early Childhood Education
Research Guide


Overview or Background Information

Books, Videos and Audiovisual Materials

Articles in Magazines and Journals

Use Early Childhood Education databases to find articles in magazines and journals on your topic. To use these databases from home, you must have a C.O.D. library card.

Selected Journals Available in the Library and Online

Australian Journal of Early Childhood
Academic OneFile 1999-present

Child Development
C.O.D. Library 1966-present
Academic Search Premier Database 1930-1 year ago

Childhood Education
C.O.D. Library, 1960-present
Academic OneFile, 1993-present

Early Childhood Education Journal
C.O.D. Library, 1995-present
Academic OneFile, 1997-1 year ago

Early Childhood Research and Practice
Academic OneFile, 2001-present

Exceptional Children
C.O.D. Library 1960-current
Academic OneFile, 1988-present
Academic Search Premier Database, 2001-present

The Future of Children
Academic OneFile, 2000-present

Journal of Research in Childhood Education
C.O.D. Library, 1991-present
Academic OneFile, 1999-present

Teaching Exceptional Children
Academic Search Premier Database, 2001-present

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
Academic Search Premier Database, 1990-present
Academic OneFile, 1998-present

Young Children
C.O.D. Library, 1975-present

Web Sites

Citing Sources

C.O.D. Library help with citing sources. Includes NoodleBib, a program that will format a bibliography for you, using either MLA or APA format.


Early Childhood Education 2252 Research Guide

Early Childhood Education 2260 Research Guide


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