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The Military - Industrial Complex Research Guide

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President Eisenhower's "Military - Industrial Complex" Speech, Jan. 1961

(separate audio version)

"What is the Military - Industrial Complex?" Christopher Ball History News Network.

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Online Text Resources

Annual industrial capabilities report to Congress. U.S. Department of Defense.

Civilian contractors on the battlefield: a partnership with commercial industry or recipe for failure? Robert M. Friedman. U.S. Army War College Strategy Research Report 2002.

Competition: a means to transform the defense industrial base. Richard D. Hansen. U.S. Army War College Strategy Research Report 2003.

Corporate welfare for weapons makers: the hidden costs of spending on defense and foreign aid. William D. Hartung. The CATO Institute 1999.

Defense Industrial Base Capabilities Study: Protection. U.S. Department of Defense 2003.

Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct (DII). Defense Industry Initiative.

Defense Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond: Meeting the Changing Needs of National Defense. U.S. National Research Council 1999.

Defense Procurement Strategy for a Globalized Industry. Mark A. McLean. U.S. Army War College Strategy Research Paper 2005.

Defense trade: contractors engage in varied international alliances : report to the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member, Subcommittee on Readiness and Management Support, Committee on Armed Services, U.S. Senate. U.S. General Accounting Office 2000.

"Eisenhower's Warning: The Military - Industrial Complex Forty Years Later." William D. Hartung. World Policy Journal Vol.18, no.1, Spring 2001 .

The Emotional Base of America's Military - Industrial Complex. Stephen B. Wickman. National Defense University Seminar April 24, 2003.

Equipping Tomorrow's Military Force: Integration of Commercial and Military Manufacturing in 2010 and Beyond. U.S. National Research Council 2002.

An examination of the defense industrial base's ability to support the Defense Department at war while transforming. James R. Ralph. U.S. Army War College 2004.

Foreign sources of supply: assessment of the United States defense industrial base. U.S. Department of Defense 2004.

Going Global? U.S. Government Policy and the Defense Aerospace Industry. RAND Corp. 2002.

The Impact of Defense Spending on Nondefense Engineering Labor Markets: A Report to the National Academy of Engineering (1989)

Industry Studies. U.S. Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

Military Base Closures: Socioeconomic Impacts. Congressional Research Service 2005.

"The Military - Industrial Complex Myth." Air Force Magazine Online Vol.87, no.10, Oct.2004.

Munitions Manufacturing: A Call for Modernization. U.S. National Research Council 2002.

Opportunities in Biotechnology for Future Army Applications. U.S. National Research Council 2001.

The place of the defense industry in national systems of innovation. Judith Reppy, ed. Cornell University Peace Studies Program 2000.

Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Antitrust Aspects of Defense Industry Consolidation. U.S. Department of Defense 1994.

Review of the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Infrastructure and Aerospace Engineering Disciplines to Meet the Needs of the Air Force and the Department of Defense. U.S. National Research Council 2001.

Seeking nontraditional approaches to collaborating and partnering with industry. Bruce Held. RAND Corp. 2002.

The Transatlantic Defense Industrial Base Restructuring Scenarios and Their Implications. Terrence R. Gray. U.S. Army Strategic Studies Institute April 2005.

Transformation and the defense industrial base: a new model. Robbin F. Laird. U.S. Center for Technology and National Security Policy 2003.

United States Foreign Military Sales Strategy: Coalition Building or Protecting the Defense Industrial Base? Michael N. Beard. U.S. Air Force, Air War College 1997.

U.S. Defense Industrial Base: Threats from Globalization. Raoul C. Cordeaux. U.S. National War College 1991.


United States Government

Selected Items in the C.O.D. Library General Collection

Weapons grade : how modern warfare gave birth to our high-tech world.
 U 42 .H363 2005     
The global arms market [videorecording] : mayhem for sale. HD 9743.A2 G563 2004 
Arsenal of World War II : the political economy of American warfare, 1940-1945
HC 110.D4 K636 2004 
Military transformation and the defense industry after next : the defense industrial implications of network-centric warfare.  UA 18.U5 D65 2002     
What every American should know about who's really running the world : the people, corporations, and organizations that control our future. HN 49.P6 R67 2005    
Corporate warriors : the rise of the privatized military industry . HD 9743.A2 S56 2003    
The new nuclear danger : George W. Bush's military-industrial complex.
UA 23 .C18 2002     

Military expenditures and economic growth. UA 17 .M554 2001  

" The globalized war economy."  In: New and old wars : organized violence in a global era. U 240 .K34 2001   

National security assessment of the high performance explosives and explosive components industries : a report for the U.S. Department of the Navy.
HD 9663.U62 N38 2001    
The military-industrial complex. HC 110.D4 R6 2001     

Virtuous war : mapping the military-industrial-media-entertainment network.

U 21.2 .D347 2001    

Fortress America : the American military and the consequences of peace.
HC 110.D4 G74 1999     
The Military in the movies [videorecording]. UA 23 .M5635 1997     
"Military spending as industrial policy" in Making capitalism work. HB 501 .S5896 1996 
Arm in arm : the political economy of the global arms trade. HD 9743.A2 K45 1995     
Assessing the potential for civil-military integration : selected case studies.

U 393 .A88 1995  

"The role of the military in the economic decline." In: The pathology of the U.S. economy : the costs of a low-wage system. HC 103 .P417 1993    

Dismantling the cold war economy. HC 110.D4 M383 1992     

Global arms trade.  HD 9743.A2 G56 1991  

The political economy of defense contracting. UC263 .M35 1991 

Arming our allies : cooperation and competition in defense technology. UA 23 .A698 1990 

The rise and fall of the great powers : economic change and military conflict from 1500 to 2000.  D 210 .K46 1987    

Defense spending and the economy. HJ 9147 .F68x     1983

The global politics of arms sales. HD 9743 .A2 P5     1982

The defense industry.  HC 110 .D4 G36  1980  

 Arms, industry, and America. UA 23 .D28 1971

The lonely warriors; case for the military-industrial complex. HC 110 .D4 B38   1970

Report from wasteland; America's military-industrial complex. HC 110 .D4 P76 1970

Peace and the war industry. HC 110 .D4 B67 1970

The economy of death. UA 23 .B334 1969    

The defense sector and the American economy.  UA 23 .J3  1969

Defense and disarmament; the economics of transition. HC 110 .D4 B6  1969

Report of the Committee on the Economic Impact of Defense and Disarmament. HC110.D4 A5 1965 


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