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Online Text Resources

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. (Title 8 of the U.S. Code)

U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (employment regulations, U.S. Department of Labor)

United States Foreign Born Population (statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau)

Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. (for the U.S.)

The Borderlands Encyclopedia: A Digital Educational Resource on Contemporary United States-Mexico Border Issues. (University of Texas at El Paso)

Migration Policy Institute Information page.

Border Control. (Rand Corp., 2006)

Hispanics and the Future of America. (2006)

Combating alien smuggling: opportunities exist to improve the federal response : report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives. (2005)

Immigrants and substance use: findings from the 1999-2001 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. (2005)

Immigration enforcement: weaknesses hinder employment verification and worksite enforcement efforts : report to congressional requesters. (2005)

Immigration Status and Health Insurance Coverage: Who Gains? Who Loses? (2005)

Assimilating Immigrants: Why America Can and France Cannot. (2004)

Border security:consular identification cards accepted within United States, but consistent federal guidance needed : report to congressional requesters. (2004)

Helping immigrants become new Americans: communities discuss the issues. (2004)

Homeland Security:management challenges remain in transforming immigration programs : report to congressional committees. (2004)

Homeland security:risks facing key border and transportation security program need to be addressed. (2004)

Chicago In Focus: A Profile from Census 2000. (Statistical analysis from the Brookings Institution, 2003)

Crossing borders:the administration of justice and civil rights protections in the immigration and asylum context : project summary. (2003)

The Demographic Dividend: A New Perspective on the Economic Consequences of Population Change. (2003)

Homeland Security:challenges to implementing the immigration interior enforcement strategy. (2003)

Homeland security:overstay tracking is a key component of a layered defense : statement of Nancy R. Kingsbury, Managing Director, Applied Research and Methods, before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives. (2003)

Weaknesses in screening entrants into the United States. (2003)

Evaluating components of international migration: Foreign-born emigrants. (2002)

Evaluating components of international migration: Legal migrants. (2002)

Evaluating components of international migration: Legal temporary migrants. (2002)

Evaluating components of international migration: Native emigrants. (2002)

Evaluating components of international migration:The residual foreign born. (2002)

IDs -- Not That Easy: Questions About Nationwide Identity Systems (2002)

Immigration benefit fraud: focused approach is needed to address problems : report to congressional requesters. (2002)

Growing global migration and its implications for the United States. (2001)

U.S. Census Bureau measurement of net international migration to the United States
1990 to 2000
. (2001)


United States Government

Selected Items at the C.O.D. Library

Mexican New York : transnational lives of new immigrants . F128.9.M5 S64 2006

American mythos : why our best efforts to be a better nation fall short. HN90.M6 W867 2006

Whatever it takes : illegal immigration, border security, and the war on terror. JV6483 .H386 2006

Redefining urban and suburban America : evidence from Census 2000. HT334.U5 R43 2003

Out of the sea and into the fire : immigration from Latin America to the U.S. in the global age. JV7398 .L93 2005 

Immigration: Current Controversies. JV6456 .I66 2005 

Probationary Americans : contemporary immigration policies and the shaping of Asian American communities. JV6483 .P37 2005

Morir en el intento : la peor tragedia de inmigrantes en la historia de los Estados Unidos. JV6475 .R36 2005

New destinations : Mexican immigration in the United States. E184.M5 N36 2005 

Working toward whiteness : how America's immigrants became white : the strange journey from Ellis Island to the suburbs. E184.A1 R644 2005 

Other immigrants : the global origins of the American people. E184.A1 R4435 2005    

Italians then, Mexicans now : immigrant origins and second-generation progress, 1890 to 2000. E184.M5 P427 2005 

The 50% American : immigration and national identity in an age of terror. JK1759 .R46 2005 

Working the boundaries : race, space, and "illegality" in Mexican Chicago. F548.9.M5 D425 2005

Welcome to the United States : a guide for new immigrants.  KF4819.6 .W44 2005

Why does immigration divide America? : public finance and political opposition to open borders. JV6471 .H36 2005

The maze of fear : security and migration after 9/11. HV6432 .M385 2004 

Reinventing the melting pot : the new immigrants and what it means to be American. JV6475 .R45 2004 

Immigrant women tell their stories. HQ1154 .B4148 2004 

Immigration and fading color lines in America. JV6461 .I45 2004   

Immigration and a changing America. JV6461 .K75 2004 

Wetback nation : the case for opening the Mexican-American border. F786 .L325 2004 

U.S. immigration : a reference handbook. JV6483 .L46 2004 

Impossible subjects : illegal aliens and the making of modern America. KF4800 .N485 2004 

A description of the [U.S.] immigrant population. JV6461 .B72 2004 

Immigration : opposing viewpoints. JV6483 .I5533 2004 

Immigration: Great Speeches in History. JV6450 .I5565 2004    

At America's gates : Chinese immigration during the exclusion era, 1882-1943. E184.C5 L523 2003 

The new challenges of American immigration : what should we do? JV6483 .O88 2003

Now that I'm here : what America's immigrants have to say about life in the U.S. today. JV6465 .F375 2003

Immigration : shaping and reshaping America. JV6483 .M295 2003

Race and ethnicity in America : a concise history. E184.A1 R244 2003 

America's newcomers and the dynamics of diversity.  JV6455 .B42 2003 

The death of the West : how dying populations and immigrant invasions imperil our country and civilization. CB245 .B83 2002 

Special sorrows : the diasporic imagination of Irish, Polish, and Jewish immigrants in the United States. JV6477 .J33 2002 

The new white nationalism in America : its challenge to integration. E184.A1 S966 2002 

Passage to liberty : the story of Italian immigration and the rebirth of America. E184.I8 C44 2002 

Mass migration to the United States : classical and contemporary periods.  JV6450 .M367 2002   

Community policing and "the new immigrants" : Latinos in Chicago. HV7936.C83 C6634 2002 

Beyond smoke and mirrors : Mexican immigration in an era of economic integration.  JV6483 .M33 2002 

Globalization on the line : culture, capital, and citizenship at U.S. borders. JZ1318 .G679 2002 

Latinos : remaking America. E184.S75 L37 2002   

The other face of America : chronicles of the immigrants shaping our future.  E184.S75 R3613 2002 

Operation Gatekeeper : the rise of the "illegal alien" and the making of the U.S.-Mexico boundary. JV6483 .N47 2002

Illegal immigration : opposing viewpoints. JV6483 .I54 2002 

Pacific diaspora : island peoples in the United States and across the Pacific. E184.P25 P34 2002

Manifest destinies : Americanizing immigrants and internationalizing Americans. JV6342 .M36 2001 

Children of immigration. HQ792.U5 S83 2001 

Crowded land of liberty : solving America's immigration crisis. JV6483 .E53 2001

American immigration : a student companion. JV6465 .D257 2001   

Barbarian virtues : the United States encounters foreign peoples at home and abroad, 1876-1917. E661 .J34 2001 

Anti-Asian violence in North America : Asian American and Asian Canadian reflections on hate, healing, and resistance. HV6250.5.E75 A57 2001 

The huddled masses : the immigrant in American society, 1880-1921.  JV6450 .K7 2001 

Growing global migration and its implications for the United States. JV6032 .G768 2001 

Immigration and the constitution.  KF4819.A2 I4265 2001 

The politics of language : conflict, identity and cultural pluralism in comparative perspective. P119.32.U6 S35 2001

Why don't they learn English? : separating fact from fallacy in the U.S. language debate. P119.32.U6 T78 2001

E pluribus unum? : contemporary and historical perspectives on immigrant political incorporation. JV6450 .P58 2001    

Invisible sojourners : African immigrant diaspora in the United States. E184.A24 A74 2000 


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