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Blackboard Test Feedback Options

Test feedback options determine the type of results users receive after a test is submitted. The options are set on the Test Options screen in section 6.

Section 6 of the Test Options screen

You may set up to two rules to show results and feedback. If conflicts in rules occur, the most permissive settings for that user or groups of users is granted. For example, students would receive the greatest number of attempts, longest availability time, and so on.

Each rule has two parts: when the feedback will be displayed, and what feedback will be displayed.

Rules for showing when feedback will be displayed.
Options are:

What Options are:

For the first rule, an instructor will typically choose only Scores to display After Submission.

For the second rule, an instructor may choose to allow students to see what answers he/she missed. Choosing Score, Submitted Answers, and Show Incorrect Questions might be what you want to display After Availability End Date.


To select Result and Feedback options, go to a content area and locate a deployed test.

Chevron next to a test link.

Click the chevron next to the test name and select Edit the Test Options.

In Section 6 of the Test Options screen, you will see the available options. To select an option, click the check box associated with the option.


The information presented below shows and describes what students will see for various options and combinations of options.


When the Score option is selected, the following is displayed.  Note the highlighted text.

Test feedback showing 30 out of 40 points possible

Score & All Answers

When the All Answers option is chosen all of the questions are displayed, but there is no indication of what answer the student selected.  The Score will also display.

Score and All Answers displayed

Score & Correct Answers

The question and the correct answers are displayed when the Correct Answers option is chosen.  The student’s selected answer is not displayed. The Score will also display.

Test feedback with score and correct answers displayed.

Score & Submitted Answers

The question and the student's selected answers are displayed when Submitted Answers is chosen.  The other answer possiblities are not displayed. The Score will also display.

Instructor feedback displayed

Score & Feedback

When Feedback is checked, the question along with the appropriate feedback is displayed: If the question is answered correctly, the "Correct" feedback will display; the "Incorrect" feedback is displayed if the question is answered incorrectly. The Score will also display.

Questions with the instructor's feedback.

Score & Show Incorrect Questions

Choosing Incorrect option, shows the students selected answers for each question along with an indication of whether the answer is correct or incorrect. The Score will also display.

Incorrect Answers only display

Score, Submitted Answers & Show Incorrect Questions

When the Score, Submitted Answers and the Show Incorrect Questions options are selected, the question and the selected answer are displayed.  An indicator shows whether the answer was correct or incorrect. The other answer choices are not displayed. The Score will also display.

Submitted and correct answers displayed as feedback to student.


Score, All Answers, Correct, Submitted, Feedback, & Show Incorrect Questions (all options)

All feedback and result options applied to the test.

NOTE: Test options may be changed before, during, and after a test has been taken. Changing the option affects all students -- not just ones who have taken the test.