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Organize Grade Center:
Re-order, Freeze, and Hide Columns

Three instructors wish that Blackboard would allow columns to be frozen (like Excel), temporarily hide columns, and re-order columns by drag and drop.

Blackboard's Grade Center can freeze grade columns, re-order grade columns using drag-and-drop, quickly hide or display grade columns, and much more using the Column Organization page.

Below are step-by-step instructions:

For a complete review of Grade Center features, please go to Blackboard Help: Grade Center.

Drag and Drop Grade Columns

Manage menu with Column Organization option highlighted.

The cursor is a four-headed arrow. The item Practice Quiz has been selected to move. It is currently listed above Essay.

The item, Practice Quiz, is being dragged below the item Essay.

The grade columns will display in the new order on the main Grade Center page.

Freeze Grade Columns

Grade Center columns can be frozen in place so they do not move while scrolling through the other data. Frozen columns remain in place on the left side of the Grade Center while the rest of the columns can be scrolled across. This helps instructors easily match up individual students with their scores across the length of the Grade Center. Instructors can freeze and unfreeze any of the columns in the Grade Center page.

To freeze a column:

Manage menu with Column Organization option highlighted.

Two items are 'frozen' since they are above the dark gray bar.

In the example below, the grade column Last Access was dragged to the "frozen" section. (To unfreeze a column, drag the row below the dark gray bar. )

The row Last Access is dragged above the dark gray frozen bar.

Three frozen columns are seen: Last name, First name, and Last Access.

In the example above, the main Grade Center page is displayed. Notice the Last Access column is frozen (gray).

Hide Grade Columns

If a Grade Center has a lot of columns, it is sometimes easier to enter grades if some columns are temporarily hidden. Also, you may want to hide grading columns that appear in Blackboard by default that you will never use (such as Student ID or Username).

Keep in mind that the instructions given below only affect the instructor's view of the Grade Center, not the student's view (My Grades). If scores are to be hidden from students, please review the Hide Scores Case Study.

As a reminder, students do not see student information (such as Name, ID, Availability, Username, etc.) in their view of the Grade Center.

Here's one way to "hide" a column in the Grade Center:

Manage menu with Column Organization option highlighted.

Three items have been checkmarked: Username, Student ID, and Availability.

The Show/Hide menu is displayed with the option Hide Selected Columns option highlighted.

Username, Student ID and Availability have turned gray and the word Hidden placed next to the column names.

Because the columns are only "hidden," they can be displayed again.

To "show" items, return to the Column Organization pagee and place a check mark in each check box for each hidden item that should be displayed. Scroll to the top of the page and select the menu for Show/Hide. Click Show Selected Columns from the menu.

Want to see this in action? Hide Grade Center Columns (Blackboard 2 minutes)

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