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Canít see the last student in my Grade Center

When viewing or entering grades in Blackboard's Grade Center, sometimes instructors cannot see the last student in the Grade Center.

This seems to be a problem specific to user's hardware/software configurations.

Try one (or more) of the following suggestions:

Change Text Size

This problem may be occurring if the browser text size is too large. Go to the View menu of your browser, find the Zoom or Text Size option, and make the text smaller. You may need to reload the Grade Center for this change to go into effect.

Minimum Rows

Change the minimum rows displayed by clicking Edit Rows Displayed at the bottom of the Grade Center screen. Select a number equal or greater than the number of students in the class.

View of the Edit Rows Displayed button at the bottom of the Grade Center.


Reorder the Grade Center in reverse alphabetical order (Z-A).To do this, find the Last Name column and click the title. To return the order A-Z, click the column title again.

Browser Choice

Try Firefox! Be sure to choose the browser version appropriate to your computer system.

If these tips do not help, please contact the Help Desk.

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