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Hide Scores from Students

Case Study

Robert has 10 practice tests (self tests).  He allows students to take the practice tests as often as they want, but he:

  1. Does not want the scores included in grade calculations.
  2. He does not want students to see their scores in the Grade Center.

When Robert deploys each practice exam, a grading column is automatically generated in the Grade Center. 

View of the Grade Center showing 3 columns for self tests.

To keep the exam column from displaying in the student view:

The menu for Self Test 1 is displayed with the option Edit Column Information highlighted.

The Options section is shown with all three options set to No.

The "Self Test 1" column now has a "Column Not Visible to Users" icon (red and gray null symbol). Students will not see the item in My Grades.

Grade center screenshot showing null symbol. Students now cannot see Self Test 1.

The instructor still sees the column.

Robert now decides he does not want to see the column either.

The Self Test 1 column menu shows the Hide Column option.

The column is immediately hidden.  As the "Success" bar below states, the column can be shown again by going to Manage and Column Organization.

The Self Test 1 column is hidden. A message informs the user that the column can be displayed again from the Column Organization page.

Repeat the steps for each of the other self tests.


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