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Automatic Method: Create a Weighted Calculated Column

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To order to automatically drop the lowest score for each quiz with a weighted column, Julie will set up a new "calculated" column for the quizzes. The column will drop the lowest score and provide a final Quiz Score for the Quiz category. Then Julie will use the results of the Quiz Score column in the Total scores column.

A screenshot of the Add Calculated Column menu. Weighted is highlighted.

Add Weighted Column screenshot showing Quiz Scores has been entered as the Name and Percentage has been selected for the primary display.

Categories to Select has been highlighted along with the category Test.

The Selected Columns area is displayed with 100 entered in the Category and a 1 entered for Drop lowest grades.

NOTE: Depending upon the number you entered in the percentage box, you may get a dialogue box stating, The sum of the weights is not 100%. Continue? If it is what you intended, click OK.

The Quiz Scores column now shows a percentage total of the quizzes with the lowest score dropped (28 out of 30 points is 93.33%). 

The final step is to modify the Total column to include the calculated quiz score total.

The Total column menu is shown in this screenshot. Modify column is highlighted.

Selections for Primary and Secondary display.

The column Quiz Scores is highlighted as well as the arrow to the right of the selection box.

The Quiz Scores column selection is displayed. Other columns may need to be added to determine a total score.

This screenshot shows that Yes has been selected for Calculate as a running total.

The information from the Quiz Scores column has been added to the Total column. The calculations are correct.

Screen shot showing final Grade Center scores for one student.

Once you have set up calculated columns, check your Grade Center settings throughout the term to see if the scores are calculating as expected. 

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