COD Information Technology

Blackboard: Extra Credit Test Questions

When creating a test, you can specify that certain questions will be worth extra credit.

Here's how:

  1. Edit an existing test, or create a new test.
  2. On the Test Canvas screen, click the Question Settings button (top right).

    Question Settings Button

  3. On the Test Question Settings screen, scroll to Section 4. Add a check mark to the option, " "

    Extra credit option

  4. When finished, click Submit.
  5. After the test question has been created (or if it just needs to be edited), click the Points box off to the right.

    Click the Points Box

  6. A popup menu will appear. If needed, change the point value of the question. Add a check mark to the Extra Credit box and click Submit.

    Menu showing the Extra Credit check box.

  7. You will see a quick "Success" message. The Points box will display again with the words "(Extra Credit)."

    Points box with the words Extra Credit below.

Setting the question as Extra Credit means that points are added to the score if the question is answered correctly, but no points are taken away if the question is answered incorrectly.