Blackboard News for Students - Fall 2014

The College of DuPage is excited to announce a major update to our Blackboard Learn system. While most of Blackboard continues to look and function exactly as it did before, the new service pack introduces several improved features for students. Below are links to information about some of these new features, as well as some helpful advice.

Internet Explorer Compatibility

Users will experience problems when using Blackboard with Internet Explorer 9 when IE is set in Compatibility Mode.

This problem has been traced to the Internet Explorer browser and Compatibility settings.  As an easy workaround, users may simply choose a different browser.  However, the IE browser may be adjusted to allow it to work. 

Compatibility settings

To adjust the settings:

  1. Open the Tools menu (press Alt on the keyboard if the menu bar is not present).
  2. Select Compatibility View settings.
  3. In the settings window, be sure of the following:
    1. The current domain, if present in the list of sites, is removed by selecting it and clicking the Remove button.
    2. The Display all websites in Compatibility View option is unchecked
    3. If connecting via a campus or other private network, the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View option must be unchecked
  4. Click Close.

The current site will reload, and this should correct the problem.

The "broken page" icon may appear in your Internet Explorer address bar. If so, you can click it to toggle Compatibilty View on or off.
NOTE: Please turn Compatibility - OFF when working in Blackboard.
Compatibility-OFF Compatibility - OFF
Compatibility - ON Compatibility - ON

My Grades

Students have new display options for My Grades



Discussion Board

Some users have reported problems accessing embedded photos and files in Discussion Board posts.  A "Not Found" error message is displayed when trying to access the embedded file. 

Files can be attached, but not embedded in the Discussion Board. 

When writing a discussion post, please do not use

Instead, click the Browse My Computer button in the Attachments section.


Assignment grades

You can view your grade and any annotations your instructor made to your assignment submission directly from the assignment attempt without downloading the file.

Inline grading

Multiple Attempt Assignments: Internet Explorer and My Grades

When completing an assignment that allows multiple attempts, some students have reported problems seeing all attempts in My Grades when using the Internet Explorer browser.


Use Firefox or Chrome.

Math Editor

VTBE EditorThe Math Editor does not work in the Internet Explorer browser.

Use Firefox or Chrome when working with the Math Editor.

General Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with Blackboard, please check first whether you are using a supported system and browser.  Visit the Software Recommendations page and ensure that the system you are using is appropriate. Sometimes switching to a different browser can solve a particular issue.

When you visit the Software Recommendations page, you will notice that mobile devices and their systems (iPads, Androids, etc.) are not listed.  While you may have some success working with these devices in Blackboard, these devices are not supported.  Taking a test on a mobile device is strongly discouraged.

For technical assistance with Blackboard, please contact the Student Help Desk.

The Student Help Desk is available during the following hours:

Note: the Student Help Desk will only be able to answer questions regarding accessing the Blackboard system and will not be able to help students with their personal computers or with homework assignments.

Send comments to: