Blackboard: Dealing with Duplicate Course Menu Links

Duplicate Course Menu Links

When you perform a Course Copy or Import Package into a new course shell, Blackboard copies all the items you have selected from the source course into the destination course. This is great, except Blackboard doesn't overwrite the Course Menu in the destination course.

This means that you may see duplicate links in your new Course Menu.

Menu from Source Course Menu as it appears in the Destination Course
Source course menu Menu from the destination course after the course was copied. There are some duplicate course menu items.

For example, you may notice that you have two Syllabus links.  The one near the top may be empty, and the one further down the menu will have your content.  After carefully examining the duplicate links, you may simply delete the one without content. 

If you have two tool links (such as Discussion Board), you will find that they are identical. You may delete either one.

Delete menu To delete a link from the menu, click the small chevron button to the right of the menu item and choose Delete.


How can I tell what I can safely remove?

If it is a tool, you can delete either instance.  Common "tools" on the course menu are Home Page, Announcements, Discussion Board, Send Email, and My Grades.

You must be careful with duplicate content links.  One link will have content and the other may not.  Check them both to make sure you are deleting the right one.  Common "content" areas are Syllabus, Course Information, Assignments, and Assessments.

Other duplicates are external web page links. Remove either instance. Common external links are My, Blackboard Help and Library Resources

What if I want to add new links to my course menu?

To see how, watch the short video Customize Course Menu.

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