Selected Links for Psychology Majors


Careers in Psychology Page. Maintained by Professor Margaret Lloyd of Georgia Southern University. This page is for you whether you plan to earn an advanced degree or simply a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Psych Web. The Careers page from the previous link is actually part of a larger site. As the site advertises, "This Web site contains lots of psychology-related information for students and teachers of psychology."

Online Psychology Career Center. Excerpt from web page: Want tips on how to get into graduate school? Need advice on how to prepare for the Graduate Record Exam, develop an academic vita, or get good letters of recommendation? Want to search through hundreds of job listings in psychology? Then you've come to the right place! The Online Psychology Career Center is designed to be a one-stop resource for psychology students and professionals.

American Psychological Association (APA). One of the two national general psychology professional associations.

American Psychological Society (APS). The second of the national general psychology associations.

Midwestern Psychological Association. One of the country's regional psychological associations. They have an annual meeting at the Palmer House in Chicago every Spring (Apr 29 - May 1, 2010). A group of COD students attends this conference every year.

PsychCrawler. If you are looking for something, give this psychology search engine a try. UNDER CONSTRUCTION ON 8/23/09

iTransfer. This is "The web site that helps you transfer college credit in the state of Illinois." It is a very useful site, but might be tricky to get around at first. I suggest that you sit down with an advisor the first time you use the site. One useful part is the Transfer Student Planning Worksheet. You enter your COD classes, and the worksheet tells you what else you need to take in order to complete the iTransfer general education requirements. You might also find the Links to Articulation Tables useful. These are lists of course equivalencies for about 30 schools.


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