What is the COD-4-COD Resource for Excellence Campaign?

The COD-4-COD Resource for Excellence Campaign is an organized fundraising initiative that encourages faculty and staff to make a gift to the College of DuPage Foundation to support the COD program or scholarship for which they are they are most passionate. Employees can also choose to give to the featured Resource for Excellence Fund. All gifts directly influence the lives of students, while enhancing the quality of life on campus and the College's overall ability to impact DuPage County and beyond.

Projects supported by the featured Resource For Excellence Fund include:

  • Resource for Excellence Grants
  • Student Crisis Emergency Fund
  • Outstanding Faculty and Student Awards
  • Special initiatives such as sponsorship of the Fulbright Scholar, Essai and Veteran Employee Recognition

Why is it important for employees to give?

College of DuPage employees believe in the work of the institution and are committed to making a difference every day in the work that they do and the lives that they touch. The COD-4-COD initiative is one more way that employees can show their support through private financial donations. A high faculty/staff giving percentage is an endorsement by employees of COD and considered significantly in the giving of grants by corporations and foundations. Ultimately, employee contributions are a vote of confidence in COD and its future.

What is the College of DuPage Foundation and what does it do?

The College of DuPage Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1967, the year the College was founded. Its mission is to obtain and steward contributions to expand educational and cultural opportunities for the College of DuPage community. The Foundation Board is comprised of business, civic, and philanthropic leaders throughout the College of DuPage district and is dedicated to raising funds for the institution. The Foundation supports the following:

  • Scholarship awards
  • Awards and honors to faculty for excellence and development
  • Funding for programmatic support, equipment, supplies and other education tools
  • Resource for Excellence Grants


How much can I give?

Participation is the number one goal for the COD-4-COD Campaign and every gift makes a difference. Consider this—a payroll deduction equaling one latte every two weeks, or, $4.00 per paycheck, would total $104 toward the fund of your choice! You, of course, may choose any dollar amount that you feel comfortable with.

How can I make a gift?

Gifts are accepted as cash, check, one-time credit card or payroll deduction, or a recurring credit card or payroll gift.

To make a donation:

Complete the payment authorization form, clearly indicating your giving designation. Your donation can be designated to the scholarship or program area of your choice and is a tax-deductible donation.

How does payroll deduction work?

Payroll deduction is one of the most convenient ways to make a recurring gift. When you enroll, your gift will be automatically deducted from your paycheck for the amount you indicate and will continue until requested otherwise.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts to the COD Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of state and federal laws.

What if my spouse works for a matching gift company?

A number of companies participate in a matching gift program, allowing you the opportunity to double or even triple your contribution to the COD Foundation. Check to see if your spouse's employer has a matching gift program. 

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Ellen Farrow
COD Foundation
(630) 942-4476


Contact Information

Resource Development Office
(630) 942-2462

Scholar Spotlight

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    Brian PetersonGeneral Studies

    "Being at College of DuPage has been the greatest. It's more than bricks and sidewalks. The faculty, staff and students have made this a quality experience, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of what's here."

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  • Crystal Wieworka

    Crystal WieworkaSonography

    "College of DuPage has given me a tremendous sense of pride and strength in myself, and the staff and professors have helped me reach my true potential. For that I cannot thank them enough."

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Supporting the Resource for Excellence Fund

With the COD-4-COD campaign, employees may contribute to any established scholarship fund or academic program of their choice.