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Technical Education Center
View of East Enrance facing Lambert Rad
View of East Entrance (Facing Lambert Road)

The Technical Education Center (TE) will be located on west campus. This building will contain the architecture, interior design, ornamental horticulture, automotive technology, computer-aided design, construction management, electro-mechanical technology, electronics-integrated engineering technology, HVAC-R, manufacturing technology, and welding technology programs.

Outdoor areas for the facility include a horticulture lab, raw material storage and automotive vehicular storage. An enclosed greenhouse also will be located here.

Construction Update

April 2008 (32.6 Mb PDF)

Technical Education Center Video
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Floor Plans
:: Lower Level
:: Level 1
:: Level 2
:: Level 3

Architect Renderings
:: Exterior 1
:: Exterior 2
:: Exterior 3
:: Exterior 4
:: Exterior 5
:: Exterior 6

:: Drawing 1
:: Drawing 2
:: Drawing 3
:: Drawing 4
:: Drawing 5
:: Drawing 6

:: Design 1
:: Design 2
:: Design 3

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Update Archive

Construction Photos :: Click on Description
:: Construction
:: Construction
:: Construction
:: Construction

:: Construction
:: Construction

:: Construction

Project Manager:
Mike Appelbaum

DeStefano + Partners
Chicago, IL

Construction Manager:
Gilbane Building Company
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Technical Education Center Committee
Core Leadership Team:
Joseph Collins
Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs

Ann Marie Rosen
Associate Dean, Career and Workforce Development

Jerry Krusinski
Associate Dean, Natural and Applied Sciences

Karen Randall
Dean, Business and Technology

Adenuga Atewologun
Dean, Natural and Applied Sciences

John Wandolowski
Director, Facilities Operation and Maintenance

User Group Leaders:
Michael Foss
Assistant Professor, Automotive Service Technology

Jane Ostergaard
Assistant Professor, Architecture

Ann Cotton
Professor, Interior Design

Judy Burgholzer
Professor, Horticulture

Herb Haushahn
Professor, HVACR

George Generke
Assistant Professor, Automotive Service Technology

Branislav Rosul
Professor, Electronics Technology

Mark Meyer
Professor, Manufacturing Technology

C.O.D. Review Team:
Skip Seaman
Chief Engineer

Chris Kornsey
Manager, Building and Grounds

Joe Miragliotta,
Manager, Emerging Technology, IT

Meri Phillips
Director, Student Activities

Joe Mullin
Deputy Chief of Police, Public Safety

Phil Gieschen
Coordinator, Risk Management

Jackie Reuland
Coordinator, Health and Special Student Services

Magy Rehayem
Coordinator, Employee Wellness

Brian McQuaid
Manager, Natural Areas

Mike Appelbaum
Project Manager, Facilities Planning and Construction (Rise Group)



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