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Roadway, Parking Lot and Associated Landscape Improvements – Phases 1 and 2

summer  landscape rendering

A park for cars. That’s what Architect Peter Lindsay Schaudt has planned for a parking area fronting Fawell Boulevard (the college’s front door). The plan places popular bio-swales in the parking area that contain prairie grasses, native trees – and the illusion of an Illinois prairie. New exits and entrances will smooth the flow of traffic. The plan provides for the replanting of 32 trees “in tribute,” the elimination of 342 established trees and the planting of 895 new trees.

The first project phase transformed the area stretching from in front of the McAninch Arts Center (MAC) to Lambert Road. The second phase addresses lots south of the Berg Instructional Center and Physical Education and Community Recreation Center.

When completed, the college will gain nearly 1,000 parking spaces on the east side of Lambert Road and more green space on campus. The above artist’s rendering shows the new “front door” for the college off Fawell Boulevard.

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:: Winter Rendering of New Main Entrance to Campus
:: Conceptual Plan (pedestrian paths in red)
:: Landscaping Plan

Construction Map /Dates (290 Kb PDF)

Monthly Updates
Phase 2 September 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 August 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 July 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 June 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 May 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 April 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 March 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 February 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 January 2010 (PDF)
Phase 2 December 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 November 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 October 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 September 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 August 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 July 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 June 2009 (PDF)

Phase 2 May 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 April 2009 ( PDF)
Phase 2 March 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 February 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 January 2009 (PDF)
Phase 2 December 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 November 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 October 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 September 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 August 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 July 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 June 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 June 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 May 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 May 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 April 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 April 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 March 2008 ( PDF)
Phase 2 March 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 February 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 February 2008 (PDF)

Phase 1 January 2008 (PDF)
Phase 2 January 2008 (PDF)

Updates Archive

Construction Photos
:: New Fawell Blvd. Entrance
:: BIC Front Area
:: New Landscaping and Sidewalks
:: New P.E. Parking Lot


Streaming video of parking lot improvements. (Window media player)

Connection Speed
100k (low) | 300k (high)

Project Manager:

Rod Schlenker

V3 Infrastructure Services

Landscape Architect:
Peter Lindsay Schaudt Landscape Architects

General Contractor:
Abbey Paving Co., Inc.
Aurora, IL

Roadway, Parking Lot and Associated Landscape Improvements Committee (Phases 1 and 2)
Keith Tague
Director, Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Victor Panchuk
Manager, Buildings and Grounds

Meri L. Phillips
Director, Student Activities

Joe Mullin
Deputy Police Chief, Public Safety

Joe Miragliotta
Manager, Emerging Technology, Information Technology

Scott Engel
Director, Business Affairs (through Architect Selection only)

– Ex officio:

Angela Knoble
Acting Director, Facilities Planning and Construction

Rod Schlenker
Project Manager, Facilities Planning and Construction



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