The AIGA Student Group is a COD student club for students interested in graphic design, Web design, and illustration. AIGA is the nation’s largest design organization; student members of COD’s student club are affiliated with the Chicago chapter of AIGA. The AIGA Student Group seeks to extend students’ involvement and networking with design through creative collaborations, student gallery shows, lectures and presentations, field trips, and studio tours. For up-to-date information about the AIGA Student Group, visit our website.

Be a part of AIGA Student Group at College of DuPage’s first Brain Flower illustration annual. Submit your best illustration work for a chance to be published in both digital and print. Your work will not only be seen by your peers, but also by art enthusiasts from all over. Plus, your piece could be a great addition to your portfolio! Work can be previously completed class assignments or personal projects. You may also choose to create something specifically for this submission—the choice is yours. There is no limit to the number of illustrations you may submit. (While more submissions may mean you have a better chance at being included in the annual, remember to submit only high-quality work.)

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Download the submission form. Follow all instructions to submit your best illustration work.

AIGA Student Group Meeting Schedule

Download the AIGA Student Group Fall 2014 Meeting Schedule PDF

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AIGA Student Group Club advisors

Dave Rogers: 630-942- 3029 /
John Callegari: 630-942-3418 /