PLR Publication Party - MAY 2nd @ 6pm

We're celebrating the release of the Spring 2011 issue of Prairie Light Review. Everyone is welcome to come, and we hope the authors who were placed in the magazine will come and share their work. There will be an open mic, and refreshments and snacks will be provided. Come and share in the literary and musical bliss! It will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd from 6pm to 8pm at SRC 2800.

posted: March 22, 2012

PLR Spring Submission Deadline - February 9th!

Prairie Light Review has a great staff this semester, we're excited to see what you'll submit! Just a reminder: The deadline is on February 9th, so submit, submit, submit! Also, on February 4th, there is going to be an Open Mic held at COD's Oasis Lounge, at 5PM, for all you artistic types out there! Prairie Light Review will be attending, if you have any questions.

posted: January 26, 2011

PLR Fall Publication Party - December 8th @ 6pm

In honor of all the great content that has been submitted, we are celebrating the release of our Fall 2010 issue of the Prairie Light Review. Refreshments will be provided. There will be an open mic for all those who wish to perform (be they poets or musicians or acrobats or underwater basket weavers). It will go from 6-9pm and will be located at SRC 2800. All are welcome.

posted: November 6, 2010