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This site is designed to answer all the questions you may have about sociology and the teaching of sociology at COD. It describes our department, provides information about the different classes that are offered. You will also find academic and transfer information about the program, as part of the Associate in Arts.

But this website is meant to be something more than a strictly academic tool. We want it to be an integral part of our conception of sociology. Sociology is a fascinating discipline and in our classes, we all try, in our own specific ways, to open the door to what we call the “Sociological Imagination” for you, the students. We want you to leave our classes not just with the satisfaction of having earned your credits, but also with a new outlook on society, a new way of looking at things that you thought you knew, our families, the educational system, the government, or more simply, but more fundamentally, the way we relate to other people.

This website aims at transmitting to you our enthusiasm for our discipline, and what you have to gain by taking our classes: nothing less than getting a new perspective on your own lives and your place in this increasingly global and diverse world. Take the time to explore, get acquainted with the sociology faculty, and examine the different classes we offer. In addition, you will find our syllabi online, as well as tools to conduct research with the library website.

And finally, our department has chosen to give its own special twist to the way we teach sociology by focusing on globalization (see our mission statement to understand why we made this choice). This site is an open door to the global community, with links to other sites that address social issues in a global perspective, you will need to explore this section, as part of your learning process in our classes.

Be ready for a legal mind-expanding experience!

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Meet our Dean Doing Research Globalization and Social Movements

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Sociology Faculty

Sherwood Edwards Christine Monnier Mary Jean Cravens
Dean Peterson Mario Reda Delores Wunder

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