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Continuing Education

Interview & Interrogation/Interpersonal Communications

Hours: 16
Tuition: $195

Program Information:

At every turn in the Criminal Justice Field, the practitioner interacts with people. In these people contacts, the practitioner is either giving or receiving information from someone about something.  Typically, this information is transferred verbally, but if it is significant and relevant it should be memorialized in writing for future recall. As such it is essential that law enforcement officers not only have good oral and listening skills, but writing skills as well. This course is designed to make the most of both forms of communications. A part of this skill development will focus on reducing oral conversations to a written format that ultimately could be used for future court testimony.

The student who completes this 16-hour, 2-day program will:

  • Learn to organize and prepare for an interview.

  • Understand the steps necessary to conduct a successful interrogation. Be exposed to the psychology of interviewing.

  • Improve and enhance effective listening skills. An important trait for gathering information when communicating with the public.

  • Learn to conduct an effective interview and then reduce it to a written report. Learn to design questions for use in an interview.

  • Be trained to recognize both verbal and non-verbal indicators of deception in both an oral and a written statement.

**Cancellations for this class must be received by SLEA 35 days prior to the start of the program in order to avoid being billed!**

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Jim Kempinski
Program Manager

Voice: (630) 942-2939

Trisha Augustyn
Administrative Assistant

Voice: (630) 942-2295

General Information

Voice: (630) 942-2677
Fax: (630) 942-3766


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