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Informant/Confidential Source Development

Hours: 8
Tuition: $149

Program Information:

Time and time again informants and confidential sources have proven to be of tremendous value to law enforcement agencies in countering criminal activity. This 8-hour program focuses on the development, use and management of informants and confidential sources. In conducting any type of investigation, many sources of information are available to the investigator, to include but is not limited to access to various data bases, law enforcement records, public records, and various financial records. One potential valuable asset often overlooked is information developed from informants and/or confidential sources.  

The Law Enforcement officer who attends this 8 hour,
1-day class will learn:

  • What constitutes an individual being an informant, types of informants

  • What is your department policy on the use of informants

  • Is an Informant Management System in place

  • What is the difference between an informant and confidential source

  • Who should develop informants

  • How to recruit an informant or confidential source

  • Do’s and Don’ts in utilizing informants

  • What motivates or deters a person to become an informant or confidential source

  • The fundamentals of interviewing a potential informant and confidential source

  • Legal issues in administrating and managing informants

  • Crafting a Cooperative Agreement between the officer and the informant

  • When to terminate the relationship with an informant.

  • The pitfalls of managing informants  


Bruce Malkin (Deputy Chief, Retired) currently is an Investigator with the DuPage County, IL State's Attorney’s Office. Bruce served 31 years with the West Chicago Police Department; IL with over 20 years investigating street gang crimes. He formerly supervised the department's Street Operations Unit whose mission was to develop gang related prevention initiatives, intelligence collection of street gang activity and enforcement activities. Bruce has recruited, developed and managed Confidential Sources throughout his career supervising the department’s Street Operations.  

**Cancellations for this class must be received by SLEA 35 days prior to the start of the program in order to avoid being billed!**

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Jim Kempinski
Program Manager

Voice: (630) 942-2939

Trisha Augustyn
Administrative Assistant

Voice: (630) 942-2295

General Information

Voice: (630) 942-2677
Fax: (630) 942-3766


The Technology Training Center at the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy (SLEA) now offers job-specific training, based on your job duties within the Law Enforcement or Education field.

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