Microsoft Word
OFTI 1210
OFTI 1215
OFTI 1218
    Microsoft PowerPoint
OFTI 1250
Microsoft Office 2007
OFTI 1200
OFTI 1203

Computer Keyboarding
OFTI 1100
OFTI 1110
OFTI 2205

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Course Number

Course Name

Software Used

OFTI 1100 OFTI 1110 OFTI 2205

Introduction to Computer Keyboarding, Keyboarding and Document Formatting and Keyboarding and Integrated Applications

Basic word processing software--MS Word and alphabetic keyboarding and skillbuilding related software

OFTI 1120

Speed Development Keyboarding

Develop speed-building software

OFTI 1130 Business Correspondence Improve e-mail, writing, grammar, punctuation and communication skills using MS Word
OFTI 1200 MS Office for Professional Staff Basic Microsoft Office features using Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, and linking between applications using MS Office 2007
OFTI 1203 Microsoft Outlook Learn to use a desktop management software, through e-mail, scheduling and tasks using MS Outlook 2007
OFTI 1210 Word Processing I

Thorough introduction to basic word processing features using MS Word 2007

OFTI 1215 Word Processing II Advanced word processing applications using MS Word 2007 software

OFTI 1218

MS Word Desktop Publishing

Advanced desktop publishing features integrating graphics using MS Word 2007

OFTI 1250

Electronic Presentations for Business Professionals

Create effective electronic presentations using PowerPoint 2007

OFTI 2305 Word Processing Transcription Use of transcribing equipment with word processing software using MS Word
OFTI 2600 Professional Development Develop people skills essential in a working environment. Prepare employment documents using MS Word

OFTI 2605

Professional Office Procedures

Electronic mail, calendaring, scheduling, presenting, using technology, including MS Office

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